What’s Mine is Yours: How do I Keep My E-Cigarette Clean When Sharing?

By Dave S. Posted March 19, 2013

Keep Your E-Cigarette Clean When Sharing
image credit: Vapestick

Your friends have seen you use them. Your family is happy that you have switched to them. Your colleagues are intrigued by all of the flavors they hear about. Others are extremely curious about them. Your e-cigarettes have become a hit and a conversation piece wherever you are allowed to use them. There will be times when you want to share this experience. Perhaps you are trying to convince other smoking friends to switch to electronic cigarettes for the decreased exposure to toxins. Perhaps you found a new flavor that you enjoy and you want your friends to try it too. Perhaps you want to show others you know how much different, and yet the same, this feels to smoking tobacco products. When this happens, you may want to share your e-cigarette.


Green Smoke E-Cigarette Rubber Tips


Depending on the brand of electronic cigarette you own, there are a variety of ways to protect the mouthpiece from contamination by another person. Green Smoke sells ‘rubber tips’ to place over the mouthpiece when others try it. Sterling Vapor sells ‘Leo Atomizer Cover Sleeves’ to help keep your e-cigarette and its atomizer sanitary. Chase Cigs sells ‘sharing tips’ that are disposable. The best protector sold, though, is called the ‘E-cig tester mouthpiece condom’ by Apollo E-Cigarette. Each electronic cigarette typically has its own style of mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece protectors are available as disposable pieces or as sturdy, durable, and washable pieces. If you purchase the latter, be sure to keep the covers clean for the next user!


Since electronic cigarettes rely on the production of vapor, essentially much cooler steam or volatilized e-liquid, the inside of the e-cigarette is ripe for the growth of microorganisms if it is not maintained. The atomizer can be contaminated easily as well. To avoid these things from happening, I recommend that you follow a regular maintenance schedule for your e-cigarette. Developing a once-a-week habit for cleaning your e-cigarette, no matter how often or how little you use it, is an excellent practice. Be sure that you take your e-cigarette completely apart during the cleaning process and clean all four parts thoroughly.


Rubbing alcohol is a great substance to use, although sparingly, in order to maintain the cleanliness of your e-cigarette. Rubbing alcohol will help sterilize the various pieces of the device, especially if others have been using your cigarette. Be sure not to soak the pieces in rubbing alcohol. Rather, dab some on the contact area where the battery sits and where you connect it for a charge, using a cotton swab. Use the swab and alcohol to clean the atomizer and all the threads. Be sure to clean cartridges as well before you use them (rub the outside with alcohol). After you cleanse your e-cigarette, allow it to dry completely before reassembling it and using it. You may taste something a bit funny at first…that’s the alcohol. But when you do, know that you are using a sanitized piece of equipment that will not cause you sickness from microorganisms, either from the people who used your e-cigarette or from those that grew on their own in the dark, damp atmosphere.