What if Electronic Cigarettes were invented in the 1970s?

By Ashley Posted January 1, 2013

What if Electronic Cigarettes were invented in the 1970s?E-Cigarette is an excellent alternative we have today to conveniently abstain from smoking cigarettes, but would the reception to the product have been the same back in the 1970s? Let’s take a time travel to see what the scenario would be like, had the e-cigarette been invented four decades back?


Early 1970s — invention of electronic cigarette in the backdrop of studies revealing the harmful health effects of tobacco. As soon as the product starts to gain publicity, tobacco manufacturers and even the pharmaceutical companies realize the threat and monetary meltdown the product brings with itself.


Within 5 years, anti-smoking groups funded by the corporate giants, starts their protest against electronic cigarettes. The positive impact created so far is tainted by doubts raised by the campaign; the consumers are in a dilemma whether or not to switch over to e-cigarettes. More studies are being conducted, some with a pre-decided outcome and some to actually find the truth behind the matter.


On the flip side, the tobacco companies cannot agree with e-cigarette as that would consequently mean admitting that tobacco indeed is bad for health. There is little propagation in favor of the product since now the corporate giants have gone all out to ban the product, owing to the ‘health hazards’. Add to this, the scare stories planted stating that e-cigarettes cause impotency, vision loss, not to forget the little superstitious angle – e-cigarettes leading to possession by the devil as the liquid is made from witch’s blood. All in all, the product gets banned within a decade from its invention.


Cut to 2003, when e-cigarettes were first invented by a Hong Kong-based company, there was apprehension yes, but any attempt to boo hoo the product by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries were soon thwarted by honest reviews on the Internet. Considering the general ramification of SOPA and PIPA, it would have given the authorities an opportunity to meddle with the information as money would have changed hands.


In all possibilities, it is because of the communicability and honest opinions (whether good or bad) on the Internet that has helped the truth to spread globally. The major reason why e-cigarettes would have been banned in the 70s was because one, it would cause a major setback to the tobacco industry, and two the authorities would then have to accept that tobacco was indeed causing health issues.


The benefit of e-cigarette is such that smokers do not need to follow the quit-or-you-die approach. With e-cigarettes, it is easier to satisfy the cravings without corroding your lungs and weakening other organs in the body.


Some people even deem electronic cigarettes to be better than nicotine patches and gums. Where, both nicotine patch and gum help quit smoking by gradually reducing the dose of nicotine to be introduced in the bloodstream, it is only in e-cigarettes where the smoker actually ‘feels’ like they are smoking. This makes it easier to quit smoking as from a psychological point of view, you are indeed ‘smoking’.


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