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WetFlame Coupons

WetFlame Coupon (10% OFF)

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About WetFlame


A small start-up from Jacksonville, Florida, WetFlame may not have the marketing might of brands like Njoy or the reputation of the big boys in the e-cig world like V2 Cigs, but they’re still dedicated to providing high-quality e-cigs. The company is all about quality, and they openly claim that they don’t intend to offer the lowest-cost products or take the biggest profit margins; they’re interested in providing a quality vaping experience. Although their product range might not be the biggest in the business, the fact that they offer a tank system with one of their starter kits is a huge plus-point, since it enables users to fill up with e-liquid from any supplier.


WetFlame offer their own e-liquids too, though, with numerous different flavors available. As well as tobacco and menthol, there are also more unique flavors such as Black Cherry, Banana Split, Cotton Candy and Gummi Bear to choose from as both e-liquids and cartomizers, and the flavor selection is continuously expanding. There are four nicotine levels available too, with 0mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24mg options on offer, which makes the brand great for heavy smokers but perhaps not ideal for those on a low nicotine intake.


Both the Hydro and Nova 2.0 Starter Kits are priced at $59.99, and the decision between the two largely depends on whether you’re hoping to use a tank system or if you’re happy with cartomizers. The Hydro kit is the flagship product, and makes use of cartomizers – with the kit containing two automatic batteries, six cartomizers, USB charger, wall adapter and a bonus carrying case. The Nova Kit also includes the carrying case and chargers, but comes with two manual batteries, two tank cartomizers, five blank cartridges and 10ml of e-liquid. You can use cartomizers with the Nova 2.0 too, though, so it’s a good way to keep your options open.


How To Use Your WetFlame Coupons


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