The 2014 Vote for the Best E-liquid Vendors

By John Madden Posted May 1, 2014

best e-liquid vendors


With all the new e-liquid vendors popping up over the last year, it is virtually impossible to pick a top ten, let alone deem one the best. Therefore, we are asking you to vote for your favorites. I’ve gone ahead and gathered as many popular juice vendors as I could think of to present in a poll for you, the vaper, to vote on. If you’re favorite vendor isn’t listed, I’ve given the option to write them in at the bottom of the list. And because it may be extremely difficult to select one favorite, I’ll give you the option to pick up to five. Your votes will be used to influence our editors’ choice article and the poll will be left open indefinitely. Now ready, set, vote!



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  • James Padilla

    Might be a little easier to find our favorite e-liquid vendors if the list is alphabetized 😉

  • brandontrey

    wheres MaddCatts at

  • Robert Cabrera

    When are the other votes shown, since they seem to be dominating lol

  • Brad

    High Voltage!!!!

    • Todrick

      Food Coloring… Yuck

      • aceejuice

        food coloring is not safe to be vaping

  • Geoff Braithwaite

    Tasty Vapor is not on the list. Poll is irrelevant.

  • Todrick

    Ruckus and 7 Drops are missing.

    But, it’s OK I have 1 favorite(Five Pawns) and 4 others that I like too…

    This poll would be better if you had 5 or 10 points to divide up and give out to as many liquids as you wanted.

  • Sara

    Jimmy The Juiceman & Grand Vapors is missing!!

  • Gregory

    Pure VG!

  • aceejuice

    I see you do not have us on there Ace eJuice and One of My followers I has posted he voted for us

  • Pascal Lemay

    PUFF-U !!!

    • Jami L Stanek

      Yes Puff-U!!!!

  • Chris Ledington


  • Jami L Stanek

    How many Puff-U votes have you received??

  • Chriss Bristow

    Looks like you missed a few on that list. Gothic Vapor should be there.

  • Patrick

    Long Beach Juice Supply Co. should be on this list.

  • Jennifer Vapes

    I voted based on over all satisfaction not just because of one or two juices I like. The company I chose isn’t my favorite juice BUT they have plenty of ADVs for me. They have a ton of flavors to choose from. Their customer service is excellent. Their shipping is prompt. I never have to jump through any hoops or wait ridiculous amounts of time. The price is perfect for someone who wasn’t paying $8 for a pack of cigarettes. I don’t think most people will vote on an over all experience like that so this is pointless.

  • JenniferMarieZeares

    Thank you for including Strix Elixirs!

  • Dylan

    Where’s Lizard Juice?

    • they are from Tampa Florida

      • Amanda

        LOL … pretty sure that’s not exactly what he meant. 😉 wink

  • Confused

    No Azure Vaping, really?

  • Valarie Rodrigues

    atHybrid Creations!

  • Armando Aguilera

    No vapor shark on this list! Really?

  • Jeremy

    Dockside Vapors is a MUST!!! Love that DrippersDream brand

  • Patrick

    List should have included Ripe Vapes and Long Beach Juice Supply Co.

  • Nikki Stovall

    I love The Plume Room so much. So glad that was listed as well as CRFT. What I didn’t see listed was Must Vape which is excellent! As well as Ballistic Vape. I really enjoy dessert vapes so that’s what I’m primarily drawn to. I’ve experimented with a few other companies on the list. Don’t want to mention any names-as our e juice is a personal preference. But I’ve been highly allergic to some that have a high PG content. I can tolerate some PG just not a 50/50. More a 70/30 or 80/20 is more ideal. I suffer from excruciating migraines (not from vaping) but I do have to be more careful than most due to my condition. I am unsure of the VG/PG content of Must Vape and Ballistic Vape but it’s thicker-I’m certainly no expert but my guess would be 70/30. I’m also allergic to nuts and never found any conclusive evidence if a nut compound is used in say a peanut butter variety and such. But to be on the safe side I steer clear from those-just in case

  • Phyllis

    Where is Affordable Vaping? Can’t forget about them.

  • I’m a fairly new e juice company, I just recently we full time doing this but I think I might be to late to the game, I know I make a good juice but its so hard to get noticed

  • How do i get on this list

  • Tony Zed

    Do not see the Vapor Hut from OK. Great liquid! WOOKEY COOKIE

  • jon bon jovi jr sr

    Titan vapez okc !!!!

  • angel e juice

    Angel E-juice all the way!

  • MadeInMachines

    Love Ruthless & Adam Bomb but it’s such a rip off especially in the UK

  • Loth

    Jvapes should be there

  • Chaenomele

    Vapor Technologies Austin!

  • Neal Ranzoni

    We just dropped Cerealized. I am sure if they were to run 1 and not 2 of these we would see Grand VAPORS with a freaking S near the top again this year if not #1.