The 2014 Vote for the Best E-liquid Flavors

By John Madden Posted May 1, 2014

best ejuice flavors


Just as the market has been flooded with a wave of new e-liquid vendors, there are exponentially more flavors available. Some are amazing, all day vapes, while others… just aren’t. If you’re like me and have been vaping for a while now, you’ve probably been able to try a good handful or even trunk-full amount of flavors from a variety of vendors. I have some of my own favorites but I want to know what you guys think are the best flavors. So here is a list of some of the most popular and talked about flavors on the market. Please take a minute and vote for up to three of your favorites. When it appears there are some clear-cut winners, the list will be used to influence the editors’ top 14 and the user poll will be kept open indefinitely below it.



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  • Sad vapor

    What no High Caliber….. this is bull

  • vapor super chef

    Im insulted by these choices…

  • Kyle Stogsdill

    What no steam juice….

  • CindyB

    This won’t be fair at all. My choice isn’t even on here.

  • Rene R. Luna Sr.

    what no Orphan blood or tears from grand vapors

  • tch

    No nicoticket flavours?

  • Michael Sansivero

    No Zeus Juice Entries? Oh, this cannot be tolerated! 😉

  • Sara

    Jimmy The Juiceman’s Shurb, Creme Brulee & Peachee Strawberry and Grand Vapors Orphan Tears should definitely be on there! Glad to see my other top fav Boosted is making its way up the list tho!!!

  • Sara

    How many times a day can we vote??????

  • Justin Sibit

    Seems there are quite a few good ones up there, but the list is also missing loads of juices considered Top Quality by most vapers out there.

    • Steven Sapir

      Agreed…I hope they review the “Other” category….most of the good stuff is missing as evidenced by the large numbers of other

  • cigarbabe

    How is it possible that you have overlooked Willie’s Vanilla Custard and ALL thr REST of Jimmy the Juiceman’s flavors?

    • na

      Quite possibly because JTJM liquid is as easy to come by as a tree that grows diamonds. That shit is obscure and overrated.

      • cigarbabe

        JTJM is not overrated and will not be hard to come by in the very near future. Perhaps you haven’t been able to get it so that colors your crappy opinion.

        • Anthony Vic

          It SUCKS!!

  • Heather Baker

    Is there anywhere we can see what all the juices are in the “other” category that people are voting for ?

  • Charles Petty

    I voted other for Port LB by Long Beach Juice Supply Co. Their Blue Line and Shoreline are also amazing and they’re not even represented.

  • madkaw


  • nel88

    Cereal kills by 9south vapes is a must it’s very hard to come by not that it’s not widely made its just that it’s very new. It’s like fruitloop cereal with awesome milk it taste 10 times better then it sounds.

    • nel88

      Cereal killa, miss spelled it the first time

  • Dax

    What are you talking about over rated. Jtjm it the best juice I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried most all of these. But then again it’s subjective. But it’s not over rated that’s for sure

  • WiseVapor

    I think it’s sad to glorify these e-liquids when there are a handful of vendors in AEMSA that actually spend thousands of dollars to test their flavors for the safety of their customers. If they won’t test their flavors do you think they can afford to meet FDA regulations? I give my money to the vendors that are actually intending to stick around.

  • Joe Freitas

    Please add voodoo by vapeoddities to the list

  • Brittney Kash

    Duck yea #westayboosted.

  • cdawg614

    What no Vapor Hut

  • Russ Swanson

    Blue Voodoo from Mister E Liquid. That is all.

  • Richard Conrad

    I bought “boosted” based on this survey and it being the number 1 juice. What a mistake!!! It tastes like I’m smoke the imitation oj drink “Tang”-YUCK! This survey blows!

  • abby

    i think you made a mistake on the poll its KRYPTONITE by vapeOholic

  • Anon

    Yeah, Kryptonie is by VapeOholic son. Fix your poll.

    • Km

      I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic as to say VapeOholic’s Kryptonite is better, haha but Cosmic Fog does in fact make a Kryptonite and it’s awesome. Just helping you out!

  • p

    No your wrong there’s more than one obviously because there is in fact a kryptonite by cosmic fog and like the man said its awesome so you can now remove the foot from it mouth know it all’s, don’t you know how to google

  • coglilaatimo

    you really should add the chai tea from Highbrow Vapor, it’s amazing!! I use it as my everyday vape but every flavor i’ve tried from there is equally as tasty.

  • Wes

    fattbottomvapes (dot) com has my everyday vape. It’s a Marshmallow/Kiwi that’s amazing!!!

  • Maria

    Please add Desth By Toucan (Maja-Flava premium Eliquids )

  • Troy Heise

    Wrecking ball by vape wild is the bomb and should have been put on list

  • Vape4taste

    Ms Samoa by FAQ is out of this world