Vote For the Best E-Cig Clearomizer For 2014

By John Madden Posted April 22, 2014

best clearomizers 2014


While many clearomizers are rebuildable, they really aren’t in the same class as many high-end RBAs. Clearomizers are generally far cheaper and easier to set up and use, hence they are more suitable to novice and budget vapers. However, some can perform exceptionally well to the point even veteran vapers have one in their rotation. We want to know which clearomizers you guys find the best, not just for looks but vapor production and ease of use as well. Here is a list of some of the most popular clearomizers currently on the market. Please take a minute and vote for your favorites, selecting up to three options.



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  • Nikki Stovall

    I love love love the Aspire Nautilus! It’s what all other clearomizers ‘aspire’ to be. No pun intended. With that said it’s a wonderful workhorse.. however, it’s very heavy-even on my Spinner II and the replacement coils in my opinion are very expensive. $4.00 each or a package of 5 for roughly $15.00 that can become very costly. And maybe it’s just me-but I’ve had some coils last for 9 days yet others last for maybe 2 or 3 days. So it’s not completely consistent. User error? Maybe.. or just a bad coil. Either way I guess thats would be my drawback to the Nautilus Aspire. Otherwise it’s a wonderful product and very well made. Currently, I own 3