Vote For Best Variable Voltage/Wattage Mods For 2014

Best VV-VW Mods

Not is 2014 geared to be the year of the 26650 sized mod, it's also well on its way to becoming the year of the DNA chip. First there was the DNA, then the end of 2013 saw the release of the DNA 30, a circuit board that allows mods to be regulated up to 30 watts. While many cloud chasers still prefer standard subohm builds on their mechs, a new breed have been reborn in a new age of power regulation. Some newer devices we've seen can even put out up to 100 watts, with a rumored 120 watt box mod forthcoming.

Not only do these devices reduce the risk of venting and thermal runaway, they make it much easier to cloud chase while saving battery life. So here are a few of our favorites along with others we've been eyeing and pondering on grabbing. Help us select our top 14 overall variable voltage/wattage mods for 2014 by picking one or more of your favorites. Select up to three of the mods you feel function and perform the best or are at the top of your “NEED ASAP” list.

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