Vote for the Best RDAs for 2015

Best RDA 2015 Vote

[Update: The top 10 list based on the results of this poll has been published, but the poll will remain open and you can continue to vote! Here are the best rebuildable atomizers.]

Although sub-ohm tanks have taken a bit of the attention away from rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs), they are still the preferred option for many vapers. They open up the ability to customize your vaping experience in ways no other atomizers do, allowing you to put together setups specifically to suit your tastes. And it goes without saying that picking up a bit of resistance wire and some cotton saves you a ton of money compared to pre-built atomizer heads.

But which rebuildable should vapers opt for? We’re putting together a definitive list of the best RDAs for 2015, and your votes will determine which make the cut. Everyone gets three votes, and if your pick isn’t on the list, you can add it in using the “Other” field.

Additionally, many of these devices come in several versions, but for simplicity (and to avoid it being a huge list) we've lumped them all together. So, for example, the votes for the Hobo V2.1 will be counted alongside those for the V3.1, all under “Hobo by Hobo Customs.” If one version really stands out as your favorite, though, you can vote for it specifically using the “Other” field. In the finished list, the focus will be on currently-available versions, unless a specific older version gets a lot of votes. The same basic rule applies to clones: if you think a clone deserves your vote instead of the original, you can use the “Other” field to specify.

So vote for your favorites below!

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