Vote for the Best E-Liquid Vendors for 2015

Top e-liquid vendors 2015

[Update: The top 20 list based on the results of this poll has been published (see: best e-juice brands of 2016)!  We'll be leaving the poll open until the end of the month, so you can still vote (and view the up-to-date results). At the end of the month the poll will close and we'll be putting together a huge list featuring all of the vendors who received votes and how many they got. Every single one of them deserves recognition, and our aim is to give it them!]

New e-liquid vendors seem to spring up every week, but some put out such consistently top-quality juices that they deserve some recognition from the community. Saying one e-liquid vendor in particular is the best is so challenging it’s pretty much impossible: there are so many excellent vendors and taste is so inherently subjective that the view of just one vaper is virtually meaningless. So, for our upcoming best e-liquid vendors of 2016 post, we’re going to turn it over to the community: who do you think is the best vendor for this year? Who puts out the most consistently awesome juice?

We’ve listed some excellent vendors below, but if your favorite isn’t listed, you can write them in using the “Other” column (these votes will be counted). Additionally, we know choosing just one can be difficult, so you can choose up to five of your favorites! So, without further ado, get voting!

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