Vote for the Best E-Liquid Vendors for 2015

By Lindsay Fox Posted September 21, 2015

Top e-liquid vendors 2015


[Update: The top 20 list based on the results of this poll has been published (see: best e-juice brands of 2016)!  We’ll be leaving the poll open until the end of the month, so you can still vote (and view the up-to-date results). At the end of the month the poll will close and we’ll be putting together a huge list featuring all of the vendors who received votes and how many they got. Every single one of them deserves recognition, and our aim is to give it them!]


New e-liquid vendors seem to spring up every week, but some put out such consistently top-quality juices that they deserve some recognition from the community. Saying one e-liquid vendor in particular is the best is so challenging it’s pretty much impossible: there are so many excellent vendors and taste is so inherently subjective that the view of just one vaper is virtually meaningless. So, for our upcoming best e-liquid vendors of 2016 post, we’re going to turn it over to the community: who do you think is the best vendor for this year? Who puts out the most consistently awesome juice?


We’ve listed some excellent vendors below, but if your favorite isn’t listed, you can write them in using the “Other” column (these votes will be counted). Additionally, we know choosing just one can be difficult, so you can choose up to five of your favorites! So, without further ado, get voting!



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  • Darthvoice

    Please add Independent Vapor Company and Cereal City Vapes.

  • Kelley Gary Wales

    Can we add Jimmy The Juice Man please?

  • Anthony Winters

    Can you please add Mitten Vapors and Pope Juice

  • Alley06360

    Please add cold fusion and drip nation thank you

  • Johnny Costa

    Can you add Conviction eLiquids, best new line out this year.

  • Bonnie J Butz

    The Vaping Oasis!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis Hance

    Where is PitBull Vape Juice!

  • Aaron Billings

    Where is Nightmare on vape street???

  • Anthony S

    Please add Element and Fa-q(formerly drip tonic)

  • Dustin Boggess

    Can you please add Madlab eliquid?

  • Kevin Christopher


  • Jon

    Where is Charlie’s Chalk Dust???

    • Mark Smith

      In the Dust!

  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Madlab, Element, Fa-Q, Nightmare on Vape Street, Pitbull, Vaping Oasis, Conviction, Cold Fusion and Drip Nation added! 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

    • Caleb

      Can you add Merkury please? Thanks 🙂

    • Jen F.

      Please add Vapor Jerry’s

  • Maria

    Maja-Flava Premium Eliquid

  • Adam Banks

    I can’t even really vote on this because my pick isn’t up there. I hope “other” wins lol

  • Jenni

    Vape Orenda, Northern Lights Vapor Co, Vapor Jerry’s, Drip Nation, Eureka Vapor Co, need to be added

  • Adam Banks

    add vapor jerry’s eureka & sicboy

  • Mark Edleson

    Where Vapor Jerry’s yo? I need that DBD.

  • Cynthia Ford

    Where’s Vandalia Mist & Vapejoose???

  • blade thompson

    Please add blue collar vapes (BCV) TO THE POLL

  • Zach Rosing

    No Dr. Crimmy’s?

  • John Smith

    Bruh… Teleos

  • Teena Allen

    Please add Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid

  • Lissa Osborn

    Please add Northern Lights Vapor Co, BRV, Teleos, Vapor Jerry’s, Eureka Vapor Co, and Vape Orenda.

    • Andrea Jamerson Bagwell


      • Lissa Osborn

        Great minds… 😉

  • Andrea Jamerson Bagwell

    Please add Teleos, Northern Lights Vapor Company, Sicboy and Vapor Jerry’s

  • Anjel Vaillancourt

    Add Dripped Life, Drip Star, Fu Man Brews, Ninja Sauce 🙂

    Twist by Dripped Life
    Unicorn Poop by Drip Star
    Hanami by Fu Man Brews
    Dim Mak by Ninja Sauce
    …are the best 🙂

  • Jakstr

    Please add Sicboy

  • Jake DeLauro

    Mech Sauce!

  • Ryan George

    #mecharmy # mechfamily #mechsauce

  • Darren Barwick

    OCD Liquids

  • Thanks everyone! I’ve added:

    OCD Liquids
    Mech Sauce
    Dripped Life
    Drip Star
    Fu Man Brews,
    Ninja Sauce
    Northern Lights Vapor Company, Sicboy
    Vapor Jerry’s
    Eureka Vapor Co
    Vape Orenda
    Ritual Craft Vapor Liquid
    Dr. Crimmy’s
    Blue Collar Vapes (BCV)
    Vandalia Mist
    Maja-Flava Premium E-liquid

    • Sheri Goodyear

      How about Vape Wild?

    • Sheila2e

      Can you add Castros Flavors please?

      • Michelle Rogers

        Yes they are the best!!

    • Toby Jordon

      Will you Please Add Ginger Vapes Thank you! <3

      • You can type them in the “Other” field – the vote will still be counted 🙂

        • Toby Jordon

          I did But would like to see my name listed like all the others 🙂

          • I didn’t want to make any exceptions but you successfully made me feel bad enough to break my own rule, lol. Shhh! Last exception.

  • Gabriel Wyse

    Please add:
    Northern Lights

    Thanks 🙂

  • Gerry Embry

    Please add Vape Storm!!

  • Jenalynn Pfingst-Anderson

    voted my 2 all time favs Strix Elixers and Mech Sauce #Mecharmy #Mechfamily

  • Tiffany Wolfe

    Terrapin Vapor needs an add to this list!! Yum

  • Dieter Sellers

    Bulldog Vapors all the way!!!

  • susan howard

    Add Joe Castro flavors!! They are the BEST!!

  • Leah Greene

    Can you add VapeWild to the list?

  • Michelle Rogers

    Please add Castro Flavors to the list!!

  • Donovan Phillips

    Please add Avail Vapor to your list.

  • Lilvamp Bullock

    please add vape wild to this

  • Sheila2e

    Add Castros Flavors please!!

  • Lori

    Please add Xpotios

  • Chris

    Please add Castro’s Flavors, please.

  • Tonya Alvey

    Add Castros Flavors! They are by far the best!

  • Lori

    Can you add White label please, not sure if I saw it….. and Xpotios of course 🙂

    • JustJunkMail

      Type it in the box marked “Other”

  • JustJunkMail

    If you don’t see the company you want to vote for, there is a box marked “Other” at the bottom of the list.

  • Rodney Smith

    Can you Please add Smooth Liquid to the list?

  • Wesley Swanson

    Please add Bulldog Vapor

  • Sheri Goodyear

    With most of the votes going to “other” how will we know who wins?
    Please add Vape Wild

    • We can see the other votes so they will be counted 🙂

  • Teena Allen

    can we add Xpotios Underground juice co

  • Caitlynn

    Add Vape Wild please!!!

  • Mark Smith


  • rebecca k holloway

    eliquidmaster. should be added to the list

  • Jessica Black


  • Jessica Black


  • Cassie Holder

    Please add Tarot Labs

  • Rock

    Please add Tarot Labs

  • castrogroupie


  • Stephen moultry

    Add bulldog vapor

  • Jonathon

    Please add Columbus Vapor Company

  • Rick Harcleroad

    Please add Castro’s Flavors. Joe Castro the man who created the flavors by Joe classics like papa smurf, coquito and many more has been making more incredible juice. Eden, moose milk and many more flavors of his own with his new company. Do yourself a favor and try his incredible hand mixed liquids if you haven’t already. I promise that you will not be disappointed!!!!

  • Ginny Bobbitt

    Please add Castro Flavors @ Wildcat!!

  • Pat Fernella

    the blue collar vapor BCV needs to be changed. the REAL blue collar company is blue collar vapor co. BCV CO. and it should be listed because im sure 90 percent of those votes are from a mix up. everyone from ohio will be voting for them instead of the real company

    • Josie Santiago

      I’m the owner of Blue Collar Vapes..and we have people voting for us too….people that vape each know the difference.

  • Bobby Schuster

    add charlie noble.

  • Brent Bleam

    Plz add The Refuge to the list..Thank You in advance..Vape Strong

  • Julia

    Please add Vape Wild! Incredible company!

  • More additions:

    Charlie Noble
    Castro’s Flavors
    Columbus Vapor Company
    Tarot Labs
    Cloud 9 Vapor
    Angel Wings Juice Co
    Vape Wild
    Xpotios Underground
    Bulldog Vapor
    Smooth Liquid
    White label
    Avail Vapor
    Terrapin Vapor
    Vape Storm
    Highlander Premium Dripping Juice
    Trade Mark E-juice
    The Refuge

    For any others, just write them in the “Other” field: the votes are going to be counted, and we’ll add any vendors to the list who receive a lot of “other” votes.

  • sscrash

    please add Lizard juice

  • Wendy Cutcher

    Please add Castro’s Flavors

  • Josie Santiago

    Should it be Blue Collar Vapes or Blue Collar Vapor Co…two different companies.

    • Apologies for the confusion with that! Since the entry spent most of it’s time as Blue Collar Vapes I changed it back and added another for Blue Collar Vapor Co.

      • Joe. B.

        When does the voting end?

        • At the end of the month we’ll be counting the votes, and producing the “best of” lists for each category, but we’ll keep the polls open!

  • Blade Thompson

    Please add just blue collar vapes not blue collar vapor co…. I want blue collar vapes to get my votes!!!

  • Brandon

    Blue Collar Vapes has been getting votes that belong to Blue Collar Vapor Company

    • The entry only spent a short time as Blue Collar Vapor Co.- I’ve made a new one for it now.

      You’re right that it isn’t completely fair, though: in the event of a tie or a close call I’ll give Blue Collar Vapor Co. a little boost. Hopefully it won’t come to that thought because it will be hard to estimate.

  • Kevin

    Please add Vapor mL

    • You can write them in using the “Other” field: if they get a lot of votes I’ll add them in! 🙂

      • Kevin

        Ok, thank you

      • paul

        Pleas add Toke Juice to the list. Thanks

  • Gregm

    Castro’s flavors the best I’ve ever had get you some wont be disappointed.

  • kimberly

    Castro’s is the best!! Joe Castro is an Amazing Juice Artist! If you haven’t tried this line you are missing out! When you’ve had the best forget the rest! #Castrolove

    • Lisa Castro

      So is LISA C 🙂

  • Sarah Noell


  • Christy E.

    I’ve been vaping for 5 years and have tried so many juices.. Vape Wild is the best juice for the absolute best price! Who else gives 3 freebies w/every order over $15? Great juice and awesome customer service!

    • Daisy Mae

      They have to give it away

  • Paul

    Can you add Toke Juice to the list???

  • Ben Poindexter

    Full Blown Vapors!!!!

  • Castro’s and FlavorZ Signature should be at the top. By far the best.

  • Whitney Lynn Mulheim

    Kilo e-liquid. Kiberry Yogurt is a must. 🙂

  • dee33

    I’ve tried a few juice companies and VAPE WILD is the best ever !! Not only good tasting but its a company with HEART!! They make a premium juice at affordable prices AND care about their customer base!! Love my Vape WILD family!! #vapewildarmy

  • Kristen

    Blue collar vapes not only tastes amazing, it’s good quality liquid!!! So many yummy liquids to pick from, always leaves me wanting more!! Plus, Brandon and Josie are amazing people!!!!

  • Jason Reviere


  • audreyheffner

    Sweet Southern Vapes ROCKS…why are they not on here?

  • Melissa

    Vape Wild is by far the best I have tried!! Greater variety, awesome prices and ships very quick!!!

    • Kevin

      The stuff with the gnat in it?

      • Daisy Mae

        lol, yes i believe so

      • Heather Glatz

        The dude that posted had that bottle for way over a month. I know I look at everything I buy & Vape and would of noticed that right away . Plus it’s not a tamper proof bottle , so he most likely put it in there . On another note if a gnat bothers you , stop eating ! The FDA allots a certain amount a bugs in every food we eat . Next time you eat a bowl of cereal like cheerios , don’t look to close to those O’s , you might just see bits and pieces of bugs ! Lol

        • Kevin Benson

          Exactly why I DON’T buy Government controlled meat that is full of drugs and steroids.

  • Leslie Miranda

    ‪#‎VVS619‬, NO doubt!

    • Brian Peltier

      Yeah buddy!!!

  • Jeremiah King

    Could we throw Gnome’s Law up on the list.

  • Adam Banks

    cant believe alloy blends & bumble bee not up there

  • Natalie

    Vape Wild is the best!!!!

  • Natalie

    Vape Wild is the best!!!!

  • Troy Heise

    #Vapewild all day everyday

  • Matt

    Can you add (theory) liquids ???

  • Brian Peltier

    #VVS619 all day Vaping Veterans Supplies LLC

  • James Johnson


  • Hillbilly Vapes

    Mech Sauce over EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela Lynn Alascio

    ewww mechsauce is so nasty omg cant believe its even up there..must be their friends and family voting because nobody in their right mind and tastebuds would vote them…nastyiness

    • Chris Bond

      #mecharmy One Army. One Family.

  • Sam Snider

    That 1 vape

  • Oy Vey

    That1vape, all day every day… Best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot…

  • Wayland Steinhour

    Vape Wild all the way! I’ve tried other companies and found maybe a juice here and there i like but vapewild. i have found so many new juices that i love and their customer service beats all that I’ve ever seen and for the awesome prices you cant go wrong!!

  • Connie Edwards Prater Thomilso

    Why don’t you add Uncle Mike’s Elixir?

    • John D Williams


  • Blake Brannon

    Why is Evilgoodvapes not on their ?

  • Nichole L Scudder

    Crimmy all the way!

    • Jen

      Ew, they are filthy

  • Shawn O’brien

    One Hit Wonder they only have 3 flavors so far but IMO are the best out there.

  • Lindsey

    Let’s get theory liquids up there!!!!

  • Jeremy Farrow

    Add Stash E-liquid to the list

  • Sheri Goodyear

    When is the last day to vote? When will the winner be announced?

    • The vote will stay open, but we’ll be counting up at the end of the month and publishing a post announcing the winners (a top 10) at the beginning of October!

      • Sheri Goodyear

        Thank you

  • Jhon

    E-donist n1 mmmm

  • Ashlie Gantt

    Add Fuzzy Juice please? A few have voted but it’s just showing as other.

  • Star Steinkamp Green

    Vaping Veterans is my liquid of choice!

  • jforsee

    Please add Joe Vape’s

  • Zangresh

    FAQ makes some great flavors – Ms Samoa, Funky Monkey & Green Apple are my favorite. You can taste each of the ingredient. Not too heavy with light and fresh!!

  • Joe

    Vape wild is in first place? Looks like crystal meth is rampant on this poll so far….

  • Corey Leger

    Know how i,can tell this shit is fucked because vapewild is in first shm

    • Daisy Mae

      You know it is. No way that nasty juice is even in the top 50!

  • Randy Groner

    # modsbycory nectar of the mods best prices and juice check them out on Facebook

  • Daisy Mae

    Vape Wild juice is nasty! How is that even possible?

    • Dewey Corage


  • Randa

    How often can you vote?

  • Shelby

    KAOS VAPOR is it not on here?

  • arnie


  • nels hansen

    Please add Holy Grail Elixir and Broken Bottle

    • Dewey Corage

      U write it other

      • SmileyELiquid

        Yes but will the individual results for “other” be shown? I agree with Nels as I too have a request that Smiley e-Liquid added to the list of vendors. I also wonder how both Holy Grail Elixers and Smiley e-Liquid were left off the list. I can’t believe that neither company went without receiving a single vote in this poll last year. If neither received a single vote I could understand how they would be left off; however, if an Eliquid company received a single vote or even met a certain number of votes criteria, I would think they would be listed. Lastly, if neither of the above is the case, how does a company qualify to make the list and not have to depend on being “remembered” by a respondent. The companies listed are definitely at an advantage over the ones that are not.

        • There are almost 3,000 “other” votes as of right now, so listing them all would be a little excessive, but I will be counting up the votes, and any that make the final list will be shown. I’ll happily upload the full count if people really want to see it, though.

          I understand your issues, but we received a lot of votes last year, and listing any company that got a single vote would result in a very long list, mainly composed of vendors that would get only a very slim portion of the total number of votes.

          If a company gets 30 or more “other” votes I will add them to the list, but I’ve been breaking that rule occasionally because I understand your point that being listed may be an advantage. However, if the company is in your top 5 e-liquid vendors, I find it hard to believe that they will be forgotten.

          • SmileyELiquid

            None of the eLiquid companies that produce a product that I consider to be a top fave of mine are on your list there are 10k plus eLiquid manufacturers in the US alone. So, why list any? Why not just have people write in their votes and use an algorithm to group and sort and tally the votes. That way the playing field is even for all companies.

            Additionally I could not click other more than once so I could only place 1 vote.

          • Ah, sorry you couldn’t vote more than once. If you let me know which other four companies you’d want to vote for then I’ll count them! 🙂

            Honestly I don’t think people would forget one of their favorite vendors just because it isn’t listed, so the list is just trying to giving the people with the most common answers a shortcut, not to mention making the votes easier to count up (without help from an algorithm, at least).

            And so far, only 24 of the “other” answers have more than 10 votes, so it seems like the list does include the most common responses. It isn’t perfect, of course, but it seems to be working quite well – plus, as I said before, if a company gets 30 votes or more in the “other” column, I’ll add them to the main list.

          • Smiley E-Liquid currently has 12 votes – you’d be tied with Midas Vape and Ninja Sauce

          • SmileyELiquid

            And Midas is listed, so why is smiley not?

          • Midas was listed from the beginning (carried over from last year’s poll). Had they been written in the “other” section, they wouldn’t be.

          • SmileyELiquid

            I understand but I am certain my company received votes last year. Perhaps the number did not meet your criteria for inclusion this year?

            Additionally, you have folks listed in the results poll that have 0% of the current number of votes.

            Would you be will to entertain what might be a step in what I perceive to be a step in the right direction to satisfy companies such as mine that have been fortunate enough to have received some write in votes?

            My recommendation would be to show a complete and up-to-date results page that lists all of the companies that have received votes on the results page. It would also be preferred if you showed the actual vote count (eg 12 : .07%).

          • You’re up to 23 now, so I’ve just added you in, along with another company with over 20 votes.

            I’ll consider putting something like that together, yeah. It will take some time to make the full list, though, so I’ll have to look into how I can do it without having to comb through the individual answers.

            The poll lists the most popular answers in the “other” field (currently showing all vendors with 7 or more votes), but listing all of the companies with 1 vote or more may be very time consuming, so I’ll see what I can do.

          • SmileyELiquid

            well on behalf of my company I sincerely thank you for taking that step, I am very honored to know that we have received that many votes too. we realize that there are 10,000 eliquid manufacturers so that is quite an honor for us to even make the list. if you would be willing to consider bouncing some ideas off of another person, on how to possibly make this whole process that you have taken on, please feel free to contact me directly steve@smiley-e-liquid. I am somewhat experienced with computer programming and web development. you have taken on quite the task and I only see it becoming much more complicated in the future. however, your honesty and effort that you have shown in the responses to the questions that I and others have posted is applaudable.

          • Thanks very much Steve! No problem at all, you deserve your spot up there 🙂 I may well get in touch with you about that soon, yeah, thanks for the offer! I might have to wait until I’ve gotten the main “Best of” lists together and up on the site, though, because I’m a little busy working on those at the moment.

            Thanks again 🙂

          • SmileyELiquid

            ok i understand so we are really at like .08% due to the idea that we have 0.01% on the new poll results and had .07% on the old.

          • That’s right, yeah!

          • nels hansen

            I’m quite sure Holy Grail Elixir has more then 30 votes. We have had our customers voting since last Tuesday. Can you give us a update on where our company stand?

          • You have 14 votes so far!

          • Kevin Benson

            Your customers must be lying to you!

          • Fishlips

            Can you tell me how many evilgoodvapes has?

          • There was no definitive criteria for inclusion on the list initially. It was based on last year’s list, and I tried to add other vendors I thought people would vote for.

            I did miss many vendors people wanted to vote for, unfortunately, but I did my best.

            I would love to make an exception to the “30 votes” rule I made and add you up there as a show of good faith, but it wouldn’t be fair to all the other vendors who are also wanting to be listed.

          • SmileyELiquid

            I have instructed people to separate their favorites in the other column by using comma separation.

            I know you are trying to make it easy and all of that, but there is a distinct advantage for those shown on the list. The other column is like a write in candidate for an election.

          • That’s a good idea!

            And I do see what you mean about the “write-in candidate” thing, lol. It’s just hard to do it any other way, really.

  • Taylor Stroh

    Wow I need to try this Others Juice, gettin all the votes!!!

    • Dewey Corage

      Others is a write in and combine into one

      • Taylor Stroh

        lol i know just being funny

  • SmileyELiquid

    Is it possible to add vendors that you must have forgotten about to the list? If so, how about adding Smiley e-Liquid? Thank you very much.

  • John S Castellano

    how is it that fog fluid is not on here?

    • Out of 16,163 votes, Fog Fluid has 5, or 0.03 percent of the total vote. If I added all the companies with just a few votes the list would get way too big very quickly. If they get up to 30 I’ll add them in.

  • Fishlips

    please add evilgoodvapes

  • Michael Gauthier

    Please add Dr. Mike’s Vapors.

  • Connie Edwards Prater Thomilso

    Please add Uncle Mike’s so his followers can vote on him. I keep looking to see if he is on there, but he never is.

    • If he gets 30 votes, then I’ll add him to the list, but they can still vote for him using the “Other” field 🙂

      • Sam Brees

        I had to write in Wet Vapors — i get it thru 3 dollar vape club. Very good juice for the price.

      • Darth

        Still no Uncle Mike’s Elixir, several people have contacted mee asking why it is not there, well over 50 people who put it in the other box

        • There are only 25 votes for him. I’ve added it anyway though, because it’s close enough to 30 and I’ll be counting up votes received up to midnight on 09/30

  • Connie Edwards Prater Thomilso

    Uncle Mike’s Elixir

  • Shen Maton

    lazarus vintage

  • How about adding Liberation Vape. They donate a portion of each sale to vaping advocacy groups.

    • @LindsayFox:disqus, thank you for all the work you’ve been doing. I know it’s a monumental undertaking. Thank you. Also, I know our company (Liberation Vape) didn’t make the list (which is sad) and I’m pretty sure we didn’t make the Top 20, but we would like to find out how many “Other” votes we received.

  • Ryan DeSesso

    hands down deez nutz

  • Josh Johnston

    When we this be counted up?

    • SmileyELiquid

      That’s a good question. When does the polling stop? and when will the final results be posted? We wonder too.

  • SmileyELiquid

    @LindsayFox:disqus when is the polling scheduled to end? when will the final results be posted?

    • The poll will stay open, but I’ll be counting up the votes tomorrow and publishing a top 10 (or 20 – given the huge number of votes we’ve gotten on this poll) over the weekend!

      • Sheri Goodyear

        Can you post a link to the results when you post them please, thanks 🙂

      • Sheri Goodyear

        I received an email with a link to the results, it does not work

        • I jumped the gun a little on that comment – my apologies! It will be posted soon (hopefully Wednesday) – I’ll let you know when it’s up!

          • Sheri Goodyear

            ok, thanks

          • Josh Johnston

            Did u count up the votes as of the 1rst of October? Thank you for your time and putting this together

        • MrSir Drip

          Its not over.

      • MrSir Drip

        The poles at in….

  • Chris

    Should be an option for “Any company that doesn’t make eliquid only in 0,3, and 6”, because that selection could also read “companies that actually still support the idea that people should switch from smoking to vaping”.

  • Gary Warren


  • iHeretic

    Vote bots are strong on this one.

    • Joshua Case

      Or telling your large facebook following to vote for you.
      It would be hard to vote bot considering it would all be coming from the same IP address which can only count once.
      Something tells me you know nothing about technology period.

      • MrCrawdaddy

        The number of times you can vote is infinite…

        • Joshua Case

          No it’s not. Go head and vote for the same thing 1,000 times and then feel free to tell me all about how the percentages never changed. Have fun.

          • MrCrawdaddy

            Ummm I’ve watched as one of my favorite vendors has moved up the list overnight with a hand full of fans voting nonstop.

  • Bibi Frankenhexerl

    When we this be counted up?

  • Leah DiProspero

    I love that you guys do this

  • Agez Nourry Veronique

    i love Mitten Vapors <3

  • Joni Gatlin

    I think Evilgoodvapes needs to be on this list, he has awesome juices and amazing prices, great guy

  • Fishlips

    Please add evilgoodvapes

  • Becky Wilson

    Please add Evilgoodvapes

  • Sheri Goodyear

    Can you please post the link to the announcement here

  • Josh Johnston

    So what’s the word?? Thought it was over 10/1?? Other companies are coming up and taking spots

    • MrSir Drip

      Though wrong ?

      • Josh Johnston

        … The originator said this was closing on the 1rst…look through the comments and you will see

  • Anthony Taylor

    I know DieselbyCg has more than 30 votes. Can someone check?

  • MrSir Drip

    Its not over… one can still vote!

  • MrCrawdaddy

    So there is nolimit to how many times you can vote. That being said this is definitely more of a survey of who has the biggest fans, not as much as who has the most fans of their juice.

  • heather

    Texas rebel juice is awesome if u haven’t tryed it u should

  • Derek Otiz

    Texas Rebel all day any day.

  • Anonymous

    Great juice sad following…

    • Anonymous 2

      What’s sad is u want to say that anonymously and apparently ur in the group

      • GramNaz

        You* Too* You’re*

        • Anonymous 2

          That’s cute

          • Anonymous

            First of all this wasn’t an attack against rebel juice, this all started as a rebuttal to a rude reply to a comment about “the voting botts being strong here”. It was a comment to point out that a few of the vendors followers were being unfair by voting multiple times. It was those same followers who blew this up into a big controversy… The original rude comment disappeared as soon as the mud slinging started!

          • Anonymous

            What’s really sad is vape wild and Texas rebel juice both have some of the best customer service in the industry and both have good juice. That being said rebel got my vote! My 1 vote!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be fair here, just sucks we couldn’t have a honest vote after all the hard work that was put into this.

  • Flingueur

    Texas Rebel Juice members openly admitting to using Proxy Networks to try and rig the votes. They should be removed from the list

  • Anonymous

    Texas Rebel Juice members Admitting to rigging the pole with Proxy Networks. Should be removed from this poll all together!

    • Anonymous2

      They’re not the only ones doing it

      • Anonymous

        Yep I wish this could have been a true pole. Nothing against rebel or vape wild but just got tierd of the brazen posts braging about cheating. This is real money in marketing for people to allow cheaters…everyone wanted to trash Rip tripper for the aligations of him doing paid reviews. Well this is no different! I truelly think rebel belongs up in the top and I think they could have done it the RIGHT way but like I said, lack of integrity….

      • Anonymous

        They manipulated the poll by voting nonstop as well…cheating is cheating.

    • Anonymous

      Your not the real Anonymous

      • Anonymous

        If your asking for them to be removed then vape wild should be removed as well.

  • Josh Johnston

    I agree this poll should be over at 10/1 as the originator stated… This is starting to be some bs

  • Matt Carter

    Is this the poll that never ends?

  • Chris Towns

    Texas Rebel Juice is buying votes offering people discounts on juice for their vote….this is some BS should’ve been over with 5 days ago…RIGGED!!!

    • Josh Johnston

      This poll should be over the first of October like the originator said.. Texas rebel should be irrelevant!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Not so innocent either…

        • Josh Johnston

          Wtf does this comment have to do with this poll being counted up and posted on the 1rst? Nothing

        • Josh Johnston

          Ok I just saw your pick so I apologize…

    • Anonymous

      Vape wild was just as much into the controversy…. I don’t believe the admins had a thing to do with this except celebrating their place on the list. The discount code they ran is the normal first of the month code when they catch up on orders…not exactly buying votes!

      • Josh Johnston

        Have screen shots from their Facebook group of how they are rigging ip addresses … It’s rigged

        • Anonymous

          Well I guess this whole thing was a waist…sad for the originator’s hard work…if only people could show honesty and integrity! We just can’t have anything right. I whish people would quit taking sides because the top leaders on the board all cheated as far as I’m concerned.

          • Josh Johnston

            I don’t believe asking your customers to vote for you ( not giving discounts ) is cheating so some of the companies in the top are not cheating

          • Anonymous

            I was referring to posting on their page to go ahead and vote as many times as you can kinda stuff…and yes the top vendors had followers of their social media doing just that. Not just one or two but MULTIPLE followings of the vendors. It really sucks because the fans are hurting their favorite vendors image by trying to manipulate the outcome of the poll. The vendors are in no way to blame just some cheating over excited fans and followers…THE GREAT JUICE VENDOR REVIEW SCANDAL OF 2015. I shall refer to this as Juicegate 2015

          • VZWIndirect

            Actually Vape Wild is rigging the vote by allowing the bugs found in their juice to vote.

          • Anonymoose

            lol that happened to one person and guess what? They replaced his WHOLE order for free not just the one bottle. It’s all done by humans expect errors sometimes. At least VW isn’t price gouging their customers!

          • Anonymous

            Lmao ^^^bellow the belt ha-ha

        • devv8983

          Lmao yes they are rigging ip addresses, how does one “rig an IP address”….

  • Anonymous

    Ohh lord there’s a outbreak of anonymous’s…

  • devv8983

    Texas rebel isn’t buying people’s votes you add hat. They have a 50percent off code because they hit number 1 on the list. Normally it would be a 40 percent off code, which they do every month, but to show appreciation they did an extra 10 percent.

    People so Damn whinnneeeyyy .

    Also to whoever talking about Texas rebel setting up proxi servers…Lmao…clearly you know nothing about technology.

    Have a good day all, and quit bitching

    • Josh Johnston

      Hmmm what’s an add hat?

    • Anonymoose

      A+ certified computer tech, 4 year WebMaster graduate. Think I know enough, and yes TRJ users are using VPNs to rig the vote. Proxy by the way not proxi, try a little harder next time!

      • TheWHITEMan

        You mean they are spoofing IP addresses to vote multiple times?

  • kitty foofoo

    Miss Lindsey Fox , I thought this was over on the first ? What’s going on ? People are starting to question this whole pole and getting really irate because some companies have pushed closer to the top in the last day or so and are offering discounts for voting . What about the companies that actually played fair and let the votes soak for themselves ? Kinda not right when that’s companies out there doing shady stuff because they didn’t know this vote was going on until days after it was supposed to be over . It’s the 7th , this was to be done on the 1st . I’m really confused .

    • Don’t worry, the results for the poll have already been counted up! I did a count for the top 10 on the 1st, but since we got such a fantastic response on this poll, I decided we’d do a top 20 instead to feature more vendors in the final post, and I re-counted for that on the 4th. At that point, there were no major differences in the vendors’ positions compared to the count on the 1st, and I’ve still got a record of the top 10 as counted up on the 1st.

      The results post will be up on the site very soon – I’ll leave a note here when it is! Sorry its taken a little while – managing all of these polls and sorting the results just takes time!

      We’re leaving the poll open to more votes for now, because we’re planning on publishing a full list of the results (i.e. including every single “other” answer) as soon as we can, to give all of the vendors who received even a few votes the recognition they deserve!

      Until then, leaving the poll open just gives those vendors with just a few votes the chance to get as many as possible (and will hopefully prevent the full list from being almost entirely vendors with just one vote each!)

      • kitty foofoo

        Thank you for replying so fast . I truly appreciate it . It was just getting really ugly with the responses in here so I just wanted to see if I could help clear things up so everyone could be happy . To me these polls are all in good fun begins that a favorite eliquid honestly comes down to personal preference . But some people get very heated and personal and we’re supposed to be a community with a common goal and that is to keep vaping a smoking alternative and not a smoking cessation device . Once that one little word changes from alternative to cessation , the government can now put it in the class with pharmaceuticals and what not and who knows what will happen to vaping then . So I really hope we can all come together as ONE community with ONE very important thing in common , the love of vaping and freedom to do so ! Thank you Miss Lindsey Fox

        • Well said Kitty! 🙂 Yeah, the idea was for it all to be in good fun – as well as to try to come up with some (slightly) more objective recommendations for our readers – but with anything with some inherent competitive aspect there’s always a chance that things will get a little heated.

          And you’re welcome, of course! As I said, I’ll leave a note at the top of the post and in the comments when the top 20 post goes up!

      • Josh Johnston

        Hello Lindsay!! Is the link posting today?

  • Anonymoose

    Great CS you have at TRJ, Melissa a Co-Owner responding to customers. What a joke of a company

  • Jay

    This is like a bbq cookoff. Everyone has their opinion’s on what taste best. Ive tried TRJ, Its a good juice if you don’t mind the wait. Ive tried many of the juices listed. Customer service is a must for me. My favorite is not listed so I posted my one vote in other.

  • Jay

    This is like a bbq cookoff. Everyone has their opinion’s on what taste best. Ive tried TRJ, Its a good juice if you don’t mind the wait. Ive tried many of the juices listed. Customer service is a must for me. My favorite is not listed so I posted my one vote in other.

  • Thanks for the spirited discussion and all of the votes, everyone – the poll turned out fantastically because of you! We’ve published the final results!

    I’ll be keeping the poll open for further voting until the end of the month! I’m going to go through soon and add a lot more vendors to the main list too. Although the main results have been published, I’m going to produce a full list after the voting closes, more for reference purposes than a standard blog post.

    I know a lot of companies will want to see how they did (including the “other” votes they received), so I’m hoping that by leaving it running for a little while longer we’ll maximize the amount of votes the lesser-known brands receive, and that should make the full list a bit more informative and interesting!

    You might have to be patient with that, though, because putting it all together will be an unholy ton of work! :p

  • Nick TexasRebelJuice Koonce

    Great job Lindsay! I look forward to the next one.

  • Kyung Park

    Rooks Eliquids ??

  • Jesse Casner

    Beyond the bottlez be added to the list please ?

  • Tim Rumford

    What happens when we use the “other” field. I didn’t see Kaos Vapor listed so I used the other field. They have the best custard hands down that I have ever personally tried. Great list though and good job! Edit – I saw your comment below about the other companies. So my question has been answered. Thank you!!