Vote for the Best E-Juice Flavors for 2015

Best e-liquids 2015

[Update: The top 10 list based on the results of this poll has been published, but this voting post will remain open if you want to continue to vote or see the up-to-date results.

See the best e-juice flavors list for 2015.]

There are some flavors you just find yourself coming back to. Out of the mind-bogglingly massive selection of e-liquids available to vapers, we all have a few favorites – our all day vapes, our special treats and those juices you’d have a permanent supply of if you could afford it – even though we might not all agree. We could choose a selection of the best e-liquid flavors based on our own preferences, but to get a more representative final list of the best juices on the market, we’re opening the choice up to you!

We’ve put together a selection of the most widely loved juices on the market today, and we’re opening voting up to the community to produce a definitive list of the very best flavors for 2015. If your favorite isn’t on the list, don’t worry – you can add it in the “Other” field. Also, we know just choosing one isn’t easy, so you get five votes per person! So go ahead and cast your votes!

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