Vote for the Best E-Cig Starter Kit for 2015

Best vaping starter kits 2015

For somebody just getting into vaping, the sheer number of different options can make choosing a single starter kit pretty challenging. From basic cigalikes through to eGo-style devices and entry-level mods, there is such a wealth of options that many just-switching smokers don’t know where to start. We’re working on a definitive list of the best e-cig starter kits for 2015, and we’re looking for input from the vaping community to give smokers some reliable recommendations for the best kits to help them get into vaping and successfully quit smoking.

So what would you recommend to a smoker? Do you think the kit that helped you kick smoking is still the best option on the market, or does another starter kit have more to offer? We’ve put together a preliminary list for you to vote on, but if the option you want to vote for isn’t there, you can add it using the “Other” field. Everyone gets three votes, and we’ll be putting together the final list in two weeks, so get your votes in while you can!

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