Vote for the Best RTAs for 2015

Vote for the Best RTA for 2015

[Update: The list based on the results of this poll has been published, but the poll will remain open and you can continue to vote! Here are the best rebuildable tank atomizers.]

Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) offer the core benefits of rebuildable dripping atomizers with the convenience of tank systems, giving you high-end performance but without the need to drip regularly. The competition for the best RTA has been heating up in 2015, with an ever-increasing array of tanks vying for your purchase, but which should you choose? Do you think you still can’t beat the Kayfun Lite Plus, or are you a convert to the something like the Lemo Drop or Billow?

We’re putting the vote to the vaping community to find out what you think are the best RTAs for 2015. Everyone gets three votes, and if your favorite isn’t on the list (or if your favorite version isn't up there), you can add it in using the “Other” field.

We’ll be collecting the results at the end of the month and producing a definitive list of the best RTAs on the market this year, so vote now and voice your support for your most-loved devices!

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