Veipor eCigs Review

By John Madden Posted July 31, 2013

Once a novelty item, disposable e-cigs have become a dime a dozen. However, they are arguably the most expensive way to vape considering they range in price from the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes per unit. One disposable e-cig often only produces about half to a full pack of cigarettes, meaning they need to be replaced quite often. Yet they are still a popular item especially among newer vapers, for their convenience and ease of use. One such distributor is Vapjoy LLC, which markets and sells the Veipor brand of disposable electronic cigarettes. The Veipor puff output is touted to be akin to 46 cigarettes so we put it to the test for the following review.

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  • Long battery life
  • Soft cartridge tip
  • Good tobacco flavor
  • Nice value


  • Flavor and vapor fades after 50+ puffs
  • Looks like a medical device

Bottom Line

At $9.95 per unit, the Veipor is on the pricier end of the disposable e-cigarette echelon. But when you take performance and battery life into consideration, the price is well worth the quality of product.
Price: $09.95

Veipor eCigs Review

Packaging and Design


The Veipor is offered in tobacco flavored at zero, 12 and 24mg nicotine concentrations and menthol at zero and 12. It is packaged in a commercial-like plastic casing giving it the appearance of something that would be found in the oral care aisle of a drugstore. The front of the box is reserved for marketing with the brand logo at the top and a catchy motto at the bottom. Each box is labelled with a sticker identifying the flavor and nicotine level of the e-cig. On the back is all the contact and legal information including nicotine warning, ingredients list and bar code.


Veipor E-Cig Packaging


Inside the box is a unique looking mini e-cig. It’s a solid blue, one-piece device with grey tip that glows red when in use. The battery portion is about 2.5 inches long while the soft filter measures in at an astounding 2.25 inches in length, easily the longest cartridge we’ve seen. For its overall size, the Veipor is pretty light in weight and feels comfortable when held like a regular cigarette.


Flavor and Vapor


We tested both the tobacco and menthol in 12mg nicotine strengths. The “Breeze” tobacco model had a pleasant taste that was unlike that of many competitors. It wasn't too sweet and wasn't overpowering or chemically tasting and mimicked a cigarette quite well. “Mist” is their menthol ice option and was pretty standard for a minty flavor. One important thing we noted was that there wasn't much of a plastic taste some of the disposable with squishy filters give off. However, after around 50 draws on the tobacco Veipor, the taste faded a little. Both models produced quite a deal of vapor and throat hit for a mini e-cigarette. The only problem was that, also around 50 puffs, the vapor diminished somewhat.




It seems as though the battery power gets a little depleted somewhere in between 50-100 puffs, yet still retains a charge for much longer. Surprisingly, the Veipor eCigs delivers on its puff promise. Maybe the battery is unregulated to prolong life, and power simply fades over time rather than kept at constant voltage that just dies suddenly when it’s drained.


Veipor Disposable E-Cig Battery Review



We cut open the filter to check if it had possibly been low on juice but it was still fairly moist after around 400 puffs so it’s definitely the battery that gradually goes out. Nonetheless, one Veipor lasted us a good two days of fairly heavy use.


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Packaging & Design4/5





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At $9.95 per unit, the Veipor is on the pricier end of the disposable e-cigarette echelon. But when you take performance and battery life into consideration, the price is well worth the quality of product. If you use this disposable e-cig without smoking, it could wind up saving you up to 4 packs worth of cash in your pocket per week.

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    1. Hester

      Beats logic no holes barred

      I just tried a Veipor at the airport in San Francisco. I was blown away by its taste. Three days later, and on the plane to Miami, this stick still gives me the kicks. Thanks Veipor. Keep up the fantastic work.
    2. Moda

      Fantastic Product

      Wow, wow, wow, what a great flavor. Smooth pull. Great handling. Just very, very nice
    3. Mike

      I think that the guys at Veipor have raised the bar for ecigs. I bought my first Veipor in Chicago a few months ago. I’ve been hooked ever since. What I really like is the flavor and smooth draw. Just very nice! I haven’t found a store in Pensacola, so I just stock up for the week online! Not perfect, but not a problem. Keep me supplied!