Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Review

By John Madden Posted October 8, 2013

Only launched a few months ago, Vaporin already has a pretty lofty line of e-cigarette products complete with starter kits, disposables, eGo style devices, clearomizers and e-liquid. The brand joined the likes of several big name e-cigarette brands by setting up shop in Miami, FL back in June. But can they compete with names like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke? We reviewed their “On-The-Go” Starter Kit and Gold disposable e-cig to find out.

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  • God taste and throat hit
  • Large selection of kits and accessories
  • Competitively priced starter kits


  • Short battery life on disposables
  • Expensive pricing on Vaporizer kits
  • Limited flavor options for starter kits

Bottom Line

There really isn't anything special or game-changing about the Vaporin On-The-Go Starter Kit or their disposables. However, if you're in a pinch for money, the kit might get you through a few rough days. I've vaped plenty worse e-cigs.
Price: $49.99

Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Review: Our Opinion


Vaporin On-The-Go Starter Kit


Vaporin's “On-The-Go” starter kit looks pretty similar to a pack of cigarettes you wouldn't normally buy. The box is two-toned in color, with a red wave on the bottom covering a black background. Inside is a micro foam tray with three slots, one for the USB charger, another for the battery and a third holds the cartridge. Also tucked between the tray and the box is a certificate of inspection and a handy user guide.


Vaporin On The Go Kit Review


The battery itself is solid white in color and has a small Vaporin logo printed near the base and a grey tip that glows green when in use. It has a glossy coating which looks nice but might not be the best finish for tactility. Like many cartridges of e-cigs I've reviewed, Vaporin's e-cig looks similar to a cigarette butt. It's a dark orange in color with white and grey speckles and is printed with the flavor. Together, cartridge and battery are the size of a “100” style cigarette.


Vaporin Gold Disposable E-Cigs


Packaging for the Vaporin Gold disposable is very similar to that of the On-The-Go kit. Aside from the box being about half the size, the tray inside is cardboard instead of foam and has one opening containing the disposable e-cig. And the Vaporin Gold disposable e-cig has an appearance very similar to that of an NJOY King electronic cigarette.


Vaporin Disposable Gold Electronic Cigarettes


Flavors and Vapor


Between the two disposables and On-The-Go starter kit I tested, there were only two flavors to review. The starter kit came with a tobacco flavored cartridge in 18mg nicotine strength. It's a pretty standard tobacco flavor with ample vapor and a good throat hit. On the plus side, it doesn't have that fake sweet taste some tobacco flavors give off. But it's still missing that smokiness quality I enjoy in a tobacco cartridge.


Vaporin Disposable E-Cig Flavors


The tobacco Gold disposable has virtually the exact same taste, albeit with a little less vapor and significantly less throat kick. Its menthol counterpart, however, had quite the unique taste. Whereas most menthols pretty much taste the same to me, this one has almost a tea-like quality to it. It's something I would definitely like to try in a more powerful cartridge or even e-liquid.




The battery life on the starter kit actually wasn't all too bad. It did take about two hours to fully charge but wound up lasting me almost a full day. For its relatively small size, the battery for the On-The-Go kit surprised me. I was only really expecting it to last a couple hours with moderate use.


I had even worse expectations for the Gold disposable. And the battery on this little guy actually met my expectations, which isn't anything to be proud of. To be fair, I got about the same puffs from an NJOY King last week as I did from the Vaporin challenger. Both disposables only last around 80-100 two to three second puffs.


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Vaporin Review: Overall

For newer brands or brands I've haven't really heard of, I don't really expect to be blown away by performance. As for Vaporin, there isn't too much to say about their electronic cigarettes I was able to test. They pretty much met my expectations, which were quite low to begin with. However, there are plenty of worse e-cigs on the market that I would never recommend to a new vaper. I actually wouldn't deter a new smoker from trying the Vaporin On-The-Go starter kit. It's cheap, at only 20 bucks and still gave the throat hit I was missing in the first few e-cigs I tried almost years ago. It probably won't please any experienced vapers, however, as there are also a plethora of products on the market which do a better job of satisfying my cravings. And I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to try the Vaporin Gold disposable. Like the NJOY King, its battery life kills any chance it has at becoming a viable tobacco smoke alternative.

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