Vapor4Life Cartridge Review

One of the most appealing aspects of Vapor4Life e-cigs is the fact that you have a massive choice of 90 different flavors, offering more options than you’ll find pretty much anywhere else. However, whilst having more flavors is a good thing, it all becomes redundant if only and handful are worth vaping for more than a few minutes. Here’s a look at a selection of Vapor4Life cartridges to give you an idea of the quality of the flavors.




This vaguely-named cartridge aims to blend tobacco with hints of chocolate and a subtle touch of mint. The complexity they were obviously aiming for isn't readily detectable, and the cartridge is left tasting like a sweet, warm tobacco. It’s enjoyable to vape, but it isn't going to inspire the “Wow!” reaction they were obviously shooting for.


WOW Traditional Tobacco


The Traditional Tobacco isn't exactly “Wow”-inducing either. In fact, it’s very similar to the WOW Boy blend, just without the apparent attempt at complexity. This means the tobacco comes out a little more strongly, and although it isn't the most accurate version it’s still very enjoyable.




This flavor very much does what you expect of it. The coffee comes through robust and strong, with a slightly chocolate sweetness underpinning it. Coffee flavors are generally executed well by most manufacturers, so whilst this option is extremely tasty it doesn't really stand out in comparison to the competition.




You’d think that differentiating this from the coffee option would be fairly difficult, but it does actually set itself apart. It tastes almost creamy, and is strangely a lot more subtle than the standard coffee cart. To me, it seems more like a latte in flavor than an espresso.


Mocha Frappuccino


This comes with the hint of chocolate you’d expect, but it would require a feat of mental gymnastics light-years beyond my abilities to identify it as a Frappuccino rather than simply mocha. Pedantry aside, this is a very enjoyable flavor – similar to the Espresso with a strong hit of chocolate to back it up.




The Cappuccino cartridge is another nice variation on the classic Coffee which is pretty similar to the Espresso. The creamy, milky taste is more to be expected for a cappuccino flavor, but it’s so similar to the other cartridge that there is very little to add.


Vanilla Mocha Frappuccino


How do you punch up a Mocha Frappuccino? Throw some vanilla in there, apparently. However, the vanilla in this cartridge seems to come at the expense of the chocolate “mocha” part, either because they reduced the chocolate aspect purposefully or because it neutralizes the taste. Stick to the standard Mocha version.




The first thing you notice when you vape the Grape cartridge is the overwhelming sweetness. You can detect grapes, but the sugary edge soon starts to assault your tastebuds – making it difficult to focus on anything else. In combination with the unusual perfume-like flavor that can creep into fruitier cartridges, it makes for a strange cartridge. It isn't bad, but only in small doses.




Blaze is right. If you've ever tried a mouthful of cinnamon, you've experienced the taste of this cartridge. However, the inherently horrible aspects of eating a spoon of pure cinnamon are completely removed when you vape it, so the cartridge is actually excellent. The flavor is very strong, but you’ll find yourself reaching for another puff soon afterwards.




The Menthol cartridges start with an initial hint of tobacco and are then followed through with a veritable sledge-hammer of mint. If you’re a big fan of menthol cigarettes this could well be great for you, but the menthol is a little too strong for me to vape at length.




If the Menthol is too much for you, the icy, sweet, mouth-watering mint of the Peppermint cartridge might be what you’re looking for. The mint is perfectly balanced and has a surprisingly cold feeling on the intake. There’s nothing to complain about with this cartridge, it’s easily the best option for menthol-lovers.




This is the stand-out fruity flavor for me. It doesn't have the punch of the Grape, but you still get more than enough of the intended taste. It’s sweet without being sickly and recognizable without becoming a grotesque caricature of the flavor. Excellent stuff; it’s one to vape all day.


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