Vapor Couture vs. Vaping Vamps

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 24, 2013

Vapor Couture vs. Vaping Vamps Review


If you’re a woman looking to start vaping, choosing between the different female-friendly options might be challenging. Vapor Couture is a more established name – as a subsidiary of V2 Cigs, arguably the world-leading manufacturer – but Vaping Vamps is a relatively new company wholly dedicated to producing women’s e-cigs. Although most e-cigarettes aren't gender-specific, if you’re looking for something sleek, stylish and feminine that also satiates your craving for nicotine, you’ll probably be left with a decision between the two brands.




There isn't too much of a difference here, but Vapor Couture will generally cost a little more. At the time of writing (January 2013), the Vapor Couture Essentials Kit is priced at $79.95, but the Deluxe Starter Kit from Vaping Vamps is only $59.95. You do get five additional cartomizers in the Vapor Couture kit, but another five cartomizers from Vaping Vamps only comes to $11.95 with shipping. In contrast, you’ll pay $12.95 for five Vapor Couture cartridges, but you can buy in bulk to save money.




One of the things both brands play up is the sleek, fashionable nature of their e-cigarette. Vapor Couture has the advantage here with four unique battery designs and matching cartomizers, but it isn't all good news. Some of the designs, such as their Signature White (a shameless Louis Vuitton clone), are spoiled somewhat because the design on the cartomizer looks faded and worn in comparison to the battery. Vaping Vamps keep things more simple, with a completely black e-cigarette sporting their pink, smoky double-V logo. One of the key differences between the two, however, is that Vaping Vamps uses the standard, pen-like thickness for their e-cigs, whilst Vapor Couture trims things down for a slim, stylish e-cig. They also have a purse-like carry case which is great for keeping your e-cig with you.




Here, Vaping Vamps completely obliterates Vapor Couture. The flavor profile of Vapor Couture includes the passable Fresh Mint and Passion Fruit, the banal Rodeo Diva and the outright disgusting Bomb Shell. In comparison, Vaping Vamps offers five flavors, Mango Lola, Caramella, Mint Julie, Virginia and Tia Berry, the majority of which are actually very tasty indeed. The Virginia (tobacco) option is the only one that’s particularly disappointing, but that leaves you with four good options compared to the two decent ones from Vapor Couture. Two new flavors are coming soon from Vapor Couture, however.


Nicotine Levels


Both brands offer four different nicotine levels, but the specifics differ. Vapor Couture has Zero, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, but Vaping Vamps replaces the 6mg with a stronger, 24mg option. This means that the heaviest smokers will be able to get ample nicotine from their e-cig, but there aren't quite as many options for those gradually reducing their intake. You could use Vapor Couture, but you’d drain the battery much more quickly trying to get the additional nicotine.




In line with V2 Cigs vapor production, Vapor Couture gives you more than enough vapor to simulate the smoking experience. It isn't as much as on their main brand, but it’s pretty close. Vaping Vamps, on the other hand, offers a satisfying amount of vapor, but it doesn't approach the benchmark set by Couture. You can get used to it, of course, but if vapor is a priority Vapor Couture is the only way to go.




It’s not an ideal choice if you’re a woman looking for a feminine e-cig, because both of the options have notable flaws holding them back. However, although the style isn't quite in line with its more illustriously-backed partner, Vaping Vamps just comes out on top. If Vapor Couture had better flavors, it would be a more viable contender, but at the moment it’s difficult to use at any length for that reason. Vaping Vamps, despite being a much smaller manufacturer, has more to offer the female vaper.


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Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use Vapor Couture products.


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