Vapor Couture Cartridges Review


Vapor-Couture-CartridgesVapor Couture is an e-cig for women, with four exclusive flavor cartridges currently available and two more on the way. Touted by four cartoon women who look like even more promiscuous and airheaded Bratz dolls, the cartridges available are Rodeo Girl, Bomb Shell, Fresh Mint and Passion Fruit. The brand is all about appearances, but for good flavor cartridges you need some substance behind it – the exotic tastes have to really be exotic and the tobacco flavors have to approach the real thing. With only four flavors currently on offer, Vapor Couture has to produce something special with each one to give vapers some variety.


Rodeo Girl


This is an American-style tobacco flavor, which has been tweaked a little to appeal to their female target-market. V2 Cigs did an impressive job with their V2 Red cartridge, and some of the positive elements from that are kept in the Vapor Couture version. What exactly they've done to change it isn't clear, but the result falls somewhere between the distinctive American-style tobacco taste and the aroma of sweat-covered socks. It’s good they've come up with distinct flavors for the new brand, but when you’re replicating a cigarette, messing with the taste too much isn't advised – why not just re-package the V2 eCigs version?


Fresh Mint


The menthol option for Vapor Couture is thankfully well-executed, with a cooling, crisp minty edge to the vape. It isn't overpowering – like many attempts at menthol on the market – so you can vape a cartridge over the course of a day without feeling like you've gone through an entire pack of gum. It’s fresh, light and smooth on the draw. If you like menthols, this is virtually guaranteed to be your favorite from the bunch.


Passion Fruit


Fruity flavors are a mainstay of electronic cigarettes. Stereotypically, they speak to the female market in the same way fruit-infused beers do, but in reality vapers of any gender enjoy a well-captured fruity taste. The Passion Fruit is an interesting idea – unusual for e-cigarettes and with a definite exotic feel. The cartridge makes a good vape; smooth, sweet and with the distinctive passion fruit edge you’d expect. If anything, although this cartridge is nice to vape, a slightly more robust version might have been better. It tastes a like freshly squeezed passion fruit that’s been watered down to take the edge off the taste.


Bomb Shell


Bomb Shell is supposed to be Turkish tobacco, and although I've never tried any before, if this is an accurate representation I never, ever will. The taste is strong and robust, but so unpleasant that a few puffs is the furthest I've gone with it until now. It tastes like you’d imagine licking a camel would – not a Camel cigarette, an actual camel. It’s a musty flavor, like you’re vaping something you've just pulled out from under your couch. Bomb Shell is probably an accurate name – the foul vapor explodes across your taste-buds, blasts up the back your throat and into your nose, producing an experience that is virtually impossible to enjoy.


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 Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use Vapor Couture products.