Vaping Vamps Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 21, 2012

Vaping Vamps is one of the e-cigarette brands dedicated to women, but the product is a great option for casual vapers of any gender. There’s a limited flavor selection, not enough of a throat-hit and battery life could be better, though.

Vaping Vamps Electronic Cigarette
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  • Interesting flavor choices and realistic tastes
  • Smooth on the throat
  • 105% money back guarantee
  • Only e-cig brand created by women, for women
  • First to offer a "Ready to Quit Kit"
  • Lightweight batteries


  • Not a significant throat hit for heavy smokers

Bottom Line

Vaping Vamps may be a new company, but the sleek, raven-black style and interesting flavor choices makes the e-cig perfect for casual vapers. It’s smooth on your throat, but there isn't enough of a throat hit for ex-smokers and the battery life could be better. It’s reasonably priced, though.
Price: $59.95

Vaping Vamps Review: Our Expert Opinion

Vaping Vamps is an unusual manufacturer in the world of electronic cigarettes, because they’re products are designed for women, by women. Vapor Couture makes products for women, but it’s a subsidiary of V2 Cigs, and thus Vaping Vamps claim to be the first manufacturer wholly dedicated to the fairer sex. This seems like an unnecessary distinction – as it’s still more than possible to enjoy their products if you have a Y chromosome (like me) – but they’re aiming to make e-cigarettes sleeker, cooler and sexier for the discerning female. The Vaping Vamps Starter Kit comes with two batteries, five cartomizers, a USB charger and an AC adapter.


Packaging and Design


The Vaping Vamps Deluxe Starter kit comes in a slim-line box, draped in a black and pink color scheme with their logo proudly emblazoned on the front. Inside, you’ll find two stylized boxes with the five cartomizers, the USB charger, the AC adapter, the batteries (held in place by a pink ribbon) and a user manual. You also receive a letter introducing the brand and some VIP Vouchers to pass on to any interested friends.


The e-cig itself has two-piece construction, with the cartomizers combining a disposable atomizer and the flavor cartridge. It’s easy to screw in and start vaping, and the battery screws into the USB charger in the same way. The tip gradually glows blue as you inhale and fades when you’re done. The e-cig itself is jet black in color, with the pink “VV” logo towards the tip, with each “V” being an e-cigarette exuding a thin stream of vapor. The branding is excellent, with the minimalistic black e-cig even looking appealing to my male senses.


Nicotine Levels


You get the choice of four nicotine levels with Vaping Vamps, High (24mg), Medium (18mg), Low (12mg) and Zero Nicotine. They can also combine these into a special kit – the Ready to Quit Kit – in which the nicotine levels gradually decrease, with the aim of weaning vapers off the drug. Having three nicotine levels is great, but a step between 12mg and nothing could be a benefit – particularly if you’re trying to manage down your addiction.


Flavor and Vapors


You get a satisfying amount of vapor from a Vaping Vamps e-cigarette. When you inhale, you hear air whizzing through the small, periodic gaps where the battery connects to the cartomizer and there is a satisfying crackling sound on inhalation. This is cool, because it seems like the sound you get from burning tobacco, but also slightly unnerving at first – as there is no indication that it was intentional. Still, you get accustomed to the sound, and you’re rewarded plenty of vapor without having to puff on the e-cig for long.


In the production of the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette, they had a panel of women smokers who tasted 200 flavors before whittling it down to five. They settled on Virginia, Mint Julie, Caramella, Tia Berry and Mango Lola. The Virginia is simply tobacco, and the Mint Julie adds a hint of menthol. The flavors are all genuinely reminiscent the taste they’re mimicking, but the caramel and mango flavors are the stand-out ones – sweet, but not overpowering. The tobacco flavor doesn't really capture the essence of the real thing, but the mint and tobacco combination works quite well, with the crisp mint masking the somewhat unconvincing tobacco. Some more ordinary flavors would have been appreciated (such as chocolate, vanilla and coffee), but overall the selection is excellent.




The battery on the Vaping Vamps e-cig lasts for around two hours of continuous use before you have to recharge it. This is hard to quantify when you’re actually using it, but realistically it should last you the whole day out at work unless you’re vaping heavily – in which case you can always take your spare too. Charging is easy, with the red light on the USB charger flicking to green when it’s completed. There are better batteries on the market, but the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette still lasts long enough for most vapers.


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The Vaping Vamps e-cigarette isn't just for women. There are fruity flavors, it does give you a smooth smoke, it has got a sleek feminine design and a pink logo, but it’s still an affordable option for anybody looking to start vaping. There may be men who would be embarrassed to smoke a “woman’s” e-cigarette, but realistically no such thing exists. With Vaping Vamps you get plenty of nicotine, the amount of vapor you’d expect and some interesting flavor options. The e-cig could use some improvement in design, better battery life and a few more flavors, but for the price the Vaping Vamps Deluxe Starter Kit is pretty appealing.

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    1. Kim

      As a female ecig user, I’d like to support Vaping Vamps. I think their products are comparable to Vapor Couture, though both brands need to offer more flavors.