Vaping Vamps E-Cig Case Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted August 26, 2013

Vaping Vamps E-Cig Case


Vaping Vamps is one of the only e-cigarette brands completely dedicated to serving the needs of female vapers. Whilst Vapor Couture shoots for a high-end, uber-fashionable look, Vaping Vamps has a darker tone, clad in a black and purple color scheme and focusing on simplicity as well as style. The new e-cig carrying case from Vaping Vamps fits perfectly with their overall aesthetic, and it’s only a fraction of the price for the Vapor Couture case, but is it worth the purchase?


The case is small and thin, with a raven black imitation leather exterior and deep purple velvet interior. It measures around 5 and a 1/2 inches wide and one inch deep, offering plenty of space for two standard-sized e-cigs (with cartomizers attached) and a USB charger or a battery, charger and three cartomizers. The small sides are flattened, but the long sides have rounded edges, creating an oval-shaped enclosure for your e-cig components. Pop the brass button on the closing clasp and the case opens up like a chest. Realistically, if you try to cram the USB charger in there with two full e-cigs, it closes but the fairly malleable case bends out of shape, looking like a car with an over-stuffed trunk.


The design and overall appearance are simplistic but effective. The only branding is the “VV” logo and the web address printed on the top portion of the velvet interior, so you aren’t being treated as a walking billboard.  The color scheme gives it an immediately elegant appearance, despite the pock-marked, obviously imitation leather outside. Little touches like the velvet underside of the closing clasp further cement the inherent visual appeal of the case.


Vaping Vamps naturally invites comparison with Vapor Couture, and they arguably win out if you’re considering a case. The Vapor Couture carrying case is basically a clutch-bag, available in bronze, chocolate-brown or jet black, all stamped with the “VC” logo (if you don’t know what that looks like, picture Louis Vuitton and swap the letters) on a small metallic square in the center. If you compare their carrying capacities, Vapor Couture wipes the floor with the Vamps, offering space for four cartridges, two full e-cigs and USB charger, as well as a mirror and pretty much a complete purse on the back (with two thin pockets and a deep central compartment).


The price difference is the big decider. Vapor Couture’s purse-replacement e-cig case costs $44.95, compared to $8.95 for the Vaping Vamps case. With that information, the decision is much easier to make. The Vaping Vamps case can only carry a couple of e-cigs and a charger, but costs five times less. In terms of overall look, my vote goes to Vaping Vamps, but it’s a matter of personal preference. Realistically, the decision comes down to whether you want to pay five times as much for imitation fashion, four extra cartomizers with you at all times and the option to ditch your normal purse altogether on a night out.


The Vaping Vamps case is inexpensive, easy to slip into your handbag and unassuming in appearance. It’s sleek, achieving elegance without riding on the coat-tails of illustrious designers and taking cues from their pricing schemes. If you’re looking for a functional yet fashionable e-cig case which doesn’t cost as much as a basic starter kit, Vaping Vamps is the way to go.


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