Vaping Vamps Coupon

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Vaping Vamps Coupon

Vaping Vamps Coupon (Save $5)

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About Vaping Vamps


Vaping Vamps stands out from the crowd as the only manufacturer we’re aware of that is completely dedicated to women. It isn’t a subsidiary of a larger e-cig company; it’s simply an organization completely devoted to fulfilling the needs of female vapers. Started by an entrepreneur named Maria with the aim of vilifying smoking and extolling the virtues of vaping, Vaping Vamps is making waves despite their infancy as a company.


The e-cigs are two-piece in construction and jet black, with a stylish pink logo adorning each battery. They offer five carefully-chosen flavors in high-quality cartridges: Virginia tobacco, Mint Julie menthol, Tia Berry (tea berry and wintergreen), Caramella (caramel) and Mango Lola (mango). There are four nicotine levels, ranging from no nicotine to 24mg per cartridge.


The Starter Kits (both Deluxe and Tri-Level styles) cost $59.95, and include two automatic batteries, USB adapter, wall charger and five cartridges. You can opt for all the same nicotine level or get a kit with three different nicotine options. There is also the cheaper ($34.95) Try Me Kit, which comes with one battery, two cartridges and a USB charger.


The style of Vaping Vamps is more understated and sleek than Vapor Couture, and the flavors are extremely well-captured. Although they’re yet to become established as manufacturers, they offer quality products for a reasonable price, making them a viable option for female vapers. Read the latest Vaping Vamps reviews.