Vantage Vapor E Cigarette Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 21, 2013

Vantage Vapor is the more affordable, cigarette-like relation of V2 Cigs, and it doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find many better electronic cigarettes out there, but it’s potentially one of the best e cig options for vapers on a budget.

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  • Cartridges interchangeable with V2 Cigs
  • Fast charging
  • Great vapor production
  • Enjoyable branded flavor selection


  • Battery life isn't amazing
  • Vapor production better with V2
  • Additional 24mg nicotine level would benefit heavy smokers

Bottom Line

Vantage Vapor is the affordable, cigarette-like clone of V2 Cigs. The battery life and vapor production aren't up to the standard set by V2’s main product, but other than that the e-cig matches up quite well. It’s best if you want a V2 e-cig but can’t afford the main brand.
Price: $49.95

Vantage Vapor: Our Expert Review

Update February 2014: Vantage Vapor product line has been discontinued but VMR still offers its leading V2Cigs brand. We recommend that you consider other options. V2 Cigs (read review here) and Vapor Couture (review here) are two comparable products manufactured by the same manufacturer (VMR).


Vantage Vapor is the third e-cigarette made by legendary manufacturer V2 Cigs, and it’s designed as a more affordable version of the flagship brand. For smokers looking to start vaping it makes getting set up with everything you need more affordable, but if you choose a sub-par product you’re more likely to go back to the tobacco version. You receive two automatic batteries, a five-pack of cartridges, a USB charger and a wall adapter in the starter pack, but there is always a risk that cheaper products compromise on quality. We've thoroughly tested the Vantage Vapor e cig to see how it stands up to the competition.


Packaging and Design


The Vantage Starter Kit comes in a solid, sturdy box with dual magnetic closing clasps. It’s clad in a black, white and grey color scheme, with a minimalistic yet professional and confident design. Inside, the two standard-sized batteries sit in two trenches carved into felt-covered foam. Underneath, you find neatly-arranged, branded boxes for the wall charger, USB charger and cartridges.


The e-cigarette itself has a two-piece design, and on the whole has a more cigarette-like appearance than its more famous sibling. The battery is pure white and pen-sized, only marked with a blue version of the smoky “V” Vantage Vapor logo. They don’t opt for the faux paper-rings in the same way as most manufacturers, which is good because the rings in cigarette paper are never as noticeable as the versions on e-cigs. The tip glows red on inhalation, producing an authentic smoking-like experience. Everything screws together easily and securely, and the build definitely seems high-quality.


Nicotine Levels


As with the entire V2 Cigs range, Vantage Vapor cartridges come in four different nicotine levels, Zero, Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg). This allows vapers hoping to reduce their nicotine consumption to step down 6mg at a time until the experience of smoking is replicated without the addictive substance. All e-cigs have limited battery life, so the heaviest smokers could have benefited with a stronger cartridge (24mg), but this isn't likely to be an issue for most users.


Flavors and Vapor


V2 Cigs is great with vapor production, and the Vantage Vapor e-cig doesn't disappoint on that front. With a couple of introductory puffs (to prime the atomizer) you get fairly thick cloud of vapor, and there’s also a light throat-hit. After comparing the two directly, it’s clear that the signature brand does still produce thicker vapor, but you won’t be disappointed with the output from the Vantage e-cig. Compared to tobacco cigarettes it falls a little short, but you won’t really notice unless you directly test one and then the other.


The flavor profile for Vantage Vapor is high-quality, and it’s actually possible to use the V2 cartridges on your Vantage battery too. The brand itself only offers four flavors, Menthol, Juicy Mint, American Blend and Classic Tobacco. The American Blend hints at the genuine taste of tobacco, but it’s warmer, gentler and a much more pleasant flavor overall. The Juicy Mint has a sweet, menthol taste, and the juiciness is actually pretty mouth-watering. On the negative side it does come across as slightly synthetic in flavor. For me, the American Blend stands out, but when you add in the V2 flavors you also have things like coffee, chocolate and vanilla to choose from too. In that sense, you won’t get bored easily if you’re looking to explore tastes. Read the full Vantage Vapor cartridges review.




The battery is automatic, which means it only activates when you inhale and there’s no button-pushing required. It doesn’t last as long as you might like, offering only 200 puffs on a full charge (and under ideal conditions). This means you won’t get the equivalent of a 20 pack of tobacco cigarettes out of a single battery charge, and you’ll therefore need to take a spare with you if you’re going out for an extended period of time. If you smoke around 10-15 cigarettes on a work-day, you might get away with using one battery, but it’d probably still be wise to take the spare.


Charging, however, is pretty quick and very simple. Screw the battery end into the USB charger and plug it into a computer (or a wall-socket with the adapter supplied) to start it going. It takes two to three hours, so you won’t be waiting around for it too long. The charger has a short wire (as opposed to being more like a USB pen-drive), which makes positioning the e-cig much easier. The LED lights up red when it’s charging, switching to blue when the battery is ready to go.



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Overall the Vantage Vapor e-cig is far from a “cheap” alternative. It is affordable, but it’s a high-quality product clearly made to V2 Cigs’ discerning standards. While it’s true that the vapor production and battery life is a little better on the flagship brand, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Being able to switch for V2 cartridges is a great feature – saving the brand from a limited flavor selection – but the Vantage flavors are still very enjoyable. If you’re looking for a V2-style build which more closely resembles a tobacco cigarette, Vantage Vapor is the perfect option.

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    1. Clint

      If you want something that taste like crap, then this is the right kit for you. Horrible flavor and vapor. Trust me when I say you do not want to try this kit.
    2. Stew

      Actually I didn’t know vantage vapor was a product of v2 cigs until I did a little research. After I found out v2 was a more credible and established product, i decided to give them a try too. So comparing v2 and vantage vapro I would have to pick v2. But to be frank, vantage wasn’t a bad product either. The only thing i didn’t like was the lack of variety of flavors but according to the review they accessories are compatible with v2. So the only downside would be lack of credibility and establishment. But a decent product for your buck at the end of the day.