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Update January 2015: Vantage Vapor product line has been discontinued but VMR still offers its leading V2Cigs brand. We recommend that you consider using other e-cigs (see all of our e-cig reviews). V2 eCigs (read review here) and Vapor Couture (review here) are two comparable products manufactured by the same manufacturer (VMR).


About Vantage Vapor


Top-rated manufacturer V2 Cigs (also makers of the female brand Vapor Couture) is behind the Vantage Vapor brand, and it aims to be a more affordable version of the flagship product. With the manufacturing quality of the V2 Cigs name in a more cigarette-like package, it’s a great option for those unsure of the more sci-fi style appearance of the V2 e-cigs. Like V2’s products, each Vantage Vapor e-cig undergoes extensive testing and has to conform to consistently high factory standards before being made available for sale. You can rest assured that you won’t be getting a poorly-constructed budget option here.


Although there are only four branded Vantage Vapor cartridge flavors (two tobacco and two menthol), you can use V2 cartridges with it too, opening up an additional ten flavors to users. The main difference between the Vantage Vapor e-cig and V2’s flagship products is that the Vantage options have a white, cigarette-like design with a red-amber glowing tip when you inhale, just like a lit cigarette. V2’s reputation for dense vapor production isn’t damaged here, although the performance of the main brand is expectedly a little better.


The Vantage Vapor Standard Starter Kit comes with two automatic batteries, five cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter, coming in at $49.95. You have a choice of four nicotine levels for your cartridges, just like with V2 Cigs. With Vantage Vapor, you get all the quality you expect, ample flavor choices and a low price. To learn more, read the latest Vantage Vapor reviews from real customers and our editors.


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