Vantage Vapor Cartridges Review


The flavors don’t completely make the e-cig, but they are an absolutely integral part of the vaping experience. If you just wanted nicotine, you could slap a patch onto your arm or chew some gum and leave it at that. The reason e-cigarettes are so popular is that they accurately replicate the smoking experience and offer a whole range of flavors for users to enjoy. Vantage Vapor is a more affordable brand by V2 Cigs, and they have four flavor options available, American Blend, Juicy Mint, Menthol and Classic Tobacco. In our starter pack, we got Juicy Mint and American Blend, so they’re reviewed below.


American Blend


vantage-vapor-american-blend-cartridgeThe American Blend is Vantage Vapor’s attempt to capture the essence of Virginia-style tobacco. The flavor does replicate something of the tobacco flavor, but as is usual with e cigarettes, it’s not an altogether accurate representation of the taste. However, its inaccuracy actually makes it a very enjoyable vape – bringing an almost sweet, buttery edge to the taste. This is the main cartridge I used with the Vantage Vapor e cigarette because it’s gentle, subtle flavor allows you to vape all day long and you still get a hint of tobacco with each puff.


Juicy Mint


vantage-vapor-juicy-mint-cartridgeThe Juicy Mint cartridge is a sweeter, softer version of a menthol cigarette. They claim that there is a hint of vanilla in the mixture, and whilst you may not be able to identify it as such, the sweetness in the taste betrays its presence. It’s almost like a peppermint flavor, providing the minty edge without making you feel like you've crammed an entire pack of gum in your mouth. One of the most unusual things about it is that it’s genuinely mouth-watering, and as a result it’s easy to keep going with. The only thing that held me back was a slightly odd, synthetic edge to the taste, kind of like some mist from a woman’s perfume has accidently drifted into the mixture. It takes a little getting used to, but once you’re accustomed you’ll keep going back to the Juicy Mint.


Unfortunately, we have yet to try the other Vantage-specific flavors. However, they’re only other versions of tobacco and menthol, so we assume they’ll be similarly tasty. Hopefully Vantage will release more brand-specific flavors in the future, but until then the cartridges available through V2 Cigs give you plenty of options. The components of V2 and Vantage are completely interchangeable, so you’re free to explore tastes such as Coffee, V2 Red, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla through the main brand’s cartridges.


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