V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case and Metal Carry Case Review

By Dave S. Posted January 19, 2013

The accessories don’t make the e-cig, but it’s hard to deny that they can be great bonuses if executed well. The issue of how to carry your e-cigs is a central one when you’re first getting started, because mixing the batteries with other items in your pocket could lead to power shorts and lasting damage. V2 Cigs has produced a metallic carrying case to remedy this issue, and they also make a portable charging case to keep your e-cigs topped up when you’re out of the house.


V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case Review


V2 Cigs Metal Carry CaseV2’s Metal Carry Case is the most reliable way to protect your e-cigs. The soft case is adequate for most users, but if you want some extra protection the sturdy metal housing is perfect. It’s available in three colors – graphite, stainless steel and glossy white – and about the size of a smart-phone, which makes it eminently portable. The edges are rounded so it doesn't jab into your leg whilst in your pocket, and it’s plain aside from a slightly raised V2 Cigs logo in the top left corner.


It slides open, revealing a cavity about three quarters of the overall size with plastic compartments for two batteries and two flavor cartridges. The top one of these (normally for

V2 Cigs Metal Carry Case Colors

cartridges) is big enough for a shorter battery with the cartridge attached, but somewhat
irritatingly about a quarter of an inch shy of being enough for a Standard size battery with cartridge, or three loose cartridges. You also can’t fit the long battery in, even without a cartridge. You need the XL version to fit in all battery lengths, which is just an extra $5 (you can get a good deal when you use one of these coupons here).

Despite these minor gripes, the Metal Carry Case is well-constructed and easy to fit into your pocket. If you’re just looking for extra protection and want to keep spare batteries and cartridges with you at all times, look no further.


V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case Review


V2 Cigs Portable Charging CaseIf you find that you frequently run out of battery when you’re away from home, you can amp things up with the Portable Charging Case. It’s the size of the XL Metal Carry Case – so you can use it with any battery – and it still fits into your pocket. The exterior design is the same, with the addition of a button, a USB port and ten LED lights split into two rows, labeled “Cig” and “Case.”


There are two slots for your batteries inside, one of which has a screw-in port on the far left

V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case Indicator

which pivots to make inserting a battery easier. You simply screw it in and hold the button down to start charging. Blue LEDs tell you the case’s level of charge (out of five), and red ones let you know how much juice is in the attached cig. When there are five solid red lights, the e-cig is fully charged. Plugging the USB into a computer does the same thing for the case itself. Charging the case takes longer than charging an e-cig, but you get the benefit of power on-the-go.


V2 Cigs Charging CaseThe Portable Charging Case takes the normal role of a carry case and adds a great additional feature. It still fits in your pocket, but you’ll also never have to go without your e-cig again.


Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use V2 Cigs products.


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