V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Savings Calculator – Find out Just How Much You’ll Save

By Lindsay Fox Posted November 1, 2012

There is no doubt at all that V2 Cigs are far better than conventional cigarettes and indeed other varieties of electronic cigarettes. By making the switch you'll save a great deal of money. The V2 Cigs e-cigarette savings calculator is a handy little tool that will help you understand exactly how much you can save by switching to V2 Cigs. Click here to view the savings calculator »


Below is a snapshot of the V2 savings calculator. According to the calculations below (based on a 2-cigarette-pack per day consumption), I'm saving $4,161 per year by switching to V2 Cigs.


V2 Cigs Savings Calculator


The V2 Cigs savings calculator requires certain information from you such as the number of packs you smoke every day and also the cost per pack. Not only will it compare the cost of smoking V2 cigs against regular cigarettes but it will also make a comparison with other competing brands such as Blu Cigs, Safe Cig, Green Smoke, and NJoy. Please note that the e-cigarette cartridge prices that are used in this calculator are for discounted 80-pack quantities which are nevertheless at non-sale pricing.


Your cigarette habit is a very expensive one in more ways than you can imagine. V2 Cigs e-cigarette savings calculator will undoubtedly give you savings of thousands of dollars every year. However, there are plenty of other ways in which you can save money. The very fact that you’ll stop smoking regular cigarettes will mean that your health will improve drastically. You’ll also have a lot of energy and vitality. You’ll notice a drop in your medical bills once you stop smoking conventional cigarettes. Read more about how e-cigarettes can benefit you, physically and financially.


Not only V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are considerably cheaper than other alternatives available in the market, they are also one of the best quality products currently being manufactured (read V2 Cigs review). This company offers you a great range of nicotine cartridges of different tastes to suit your specific requirements. The 10 different flavors it offers are great for most tastes. It also uses high quality ingredients in its cartridges that enable you to have a smooth draw and high vapor production.


Try the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette savings calculator for yourself and find out exactly how much you can save by switching to V2 Cigs.