V2 Cigs Cartridges Review

Flavors are at the heart of the e-cigarette. Perhaps a flavorless nicotine-infused version would still attract attention as a revolutionary nicotine delivery system, but the extensive selection of tastes available makes them something tobacco cigarettes can never become. While you enjoy the health benefits, you can also explore a world of flavored cartridges as a vaper. V2 Cigs is arguably the most highly-rated e-cigarette across the board (read the latest V2 Cigs reviews), and it offers a substantial flavor profile to keep you entertained. You can get everything from tobacco and menthol through to cola-flavored e cigarette cartridges, but do they really deliver?


V2 Red


This cartridge sees V2 Cigs attempting to replicate the authentic American-style taste – and their effort is valiant. Whilst it might not recreate the taste perfectly, it definitely has a great quality which will please enthusiasts. As a stand-alone flavor however, it’s a little mild, lacking the distinctive punch offered by the other tobacco options.




The patriotic blue Congress cartridge could be described as a somewhat generic tobacco flavor, modeled after Parliament cigarettes, but that would do it a disservice. For me, the tobacco taste is pretty accurate, more so than you’ll find with the majority of e-cigarettes. It’s still lacking some strength, but it’s a very decent attempt at tobacco.




The Sahara cartridge is my personal favorite amongst the tobacco flavors. It’s a brilliant representation of the distinctive middle-eastern tobacco taste, evoking memories from the first puff. Something about the balance of taste is a little off, resulting in an almost popcorn-like aroma, but this actually improves the taste from my perspective. For this, it’s a great stand-alone flavor too – you don’t have to love Camels to enjoy it!




The bold green cartridge color is mirrored in the taste of V2’s Menthol. It’s a strong hit of mint, with a cool, crisp mouth-feel and a lasting flavor. It might seem a little too strong when you first try it, but it doesn’t take long to get accustomed to. As an ex-menthol smoker, it’s one of the best replications of a menthol cigarette I’ve tried.


Mint Tea


Despite it being the most obvious concern when you consider the fact that there are three menthol flavors, the Mint Tea is distinct from the other options. It mint is more underlying than on the Menthol cartridge, with the overwhelming taste being strangely perfumed. It’s still cooling and minty, but the odd, flowery taste makes it a lot more difficult to enjoy.




The Peppermint cartridge intrinsically sets itself apart with the slightly sweet addition to the minty taste. It’s a lot smoother and milder than the other mint cartridges, which makes it more pleasant to vape despite it not having the authentic menthol flavor. In my opinion, this is the stand-out mint option.




Most manufacturers do a good job with this one, and V2 Cigs’ Coffee cartridge is no exception. The flavor is accurate and it’s smooth to vape, but the flavor of the coffee is a little too subtle. If it was a cup, you’d think the percolator needed some more ground beans. On the plus side it isn’t overwhelming, but it could have used a little more punch.




Vanilla makes a great e-cig flavor, and V2 Cigs version is amongst their best cartridges. It’s subtle, but the authentic flavor of vanilla pods still pushes through. This subtlety makes it a gentle, calming vape with an underlying hint of sweetness.




V2 Cigs’ Chocolate cartridge makes for a rich, luxurious vape. The characteristically delicate nature of their flavors works particularly well here. The accuracy in taste is there, but there isn’t so much that it gets sickly sweet with extended use. You can happily use the Chocolate cartridges all day without getting bored, but if you’re looking for a full-bodied cocoa taste it isn’t quite there.




This is undoubtedly the most outlandish V2 Cigs’ flavor, because you really don’t expect the taste of a soft drink to come from an e-cig. But it does. They’ve captured the taste of cola well, but it doesn’t quite have the Coke flavor they were looking for. It’s more like the gummy cola bottles you find in candy stores, yet is still strangely enjoyable.




Grape is another interesting V2 flavor, but it’s an unusual one because the taste is very robust. It’s great if you’re looking for a sweet vape, but I didn’t use it for long before wanting to switch to a softer, less in-your-face blend.




Although there are plenty of solid contenders for best V2 Cigs flavor, Cherry gets my pick. It’s stronger in taste than the other fruity or otherwise sweet cartridges, but the complex, decadent flavor of the cherry and the smooth vapor makes it endlessly enjoyable.


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Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use V2 Cigs products.