E-Cigarette Reviews

  • Vape Forward Cync Review

    The Vape Forward Cync is a unique pod-style e-cigarette that separates itself from the competition by including high-quality e-juice from well-known mixers in its pods as standard. The device attracts a lot of attention for its combination of simple ....


  • iCare AIO Review

    Eleaf iCare Review

    Our Eleaf iCare review puts the compact, all-in-one device to the test. Is the device perfect for a new vaper looking for something easy-to-use, or would you be better off sacrificing the simplicity for something more capable? Is it worth $20? ....


  • Best Rebuildable Atomizers for Vaping

    Best Rebuildable Atomizers (RDAs/RTAs)

    If you're looking to get into rebuilding, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge variety of RDAs and RTAs to choose from. So which are the best options? We’ve surveyed thousands of vapers to come up with a definitive set of recommendations for t ....