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ULTRA eCigs Coupon (Save 15%)

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Update July 29, 2013: Ultra ecigs seems to have closed their store. Until further notice, we recommend that you consider other options. 


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About Ultra eCigs


Ultra eCigs was founded by Bill Ford, who spent much of his life as a seriously heavy smoker, but soon found out about e-cigs and got on board. After spending around two years in product development with a crack-team of engineers, concept artists and testers, the Ultra eCig was born. Ford was happy with his creation straight away, and sent it straight to market. However, the manufacturer hasn't really made much of an impact in the e-cig world, and realistically the main thing the brand has going for it is the low price of the starter kits.


The vapor production is one of the main saving graces for the performance of the Ultra e-cig, but in reality it is no better than you would find with many other lesser-known brands – and the same could be said for the battery performance and lifespan. In terms of flavor selection, it’s about as basic as you can get with Ultra: only tobacco and menthol options are available. As mentioned in our Ultra eCigs review, these aren't especially well-executed either, so virtually any other brand we've tried would top Ultra in this department. Similarly, the selection with regards to nicotine levels is non-existent, with only 16mg cartridges being available.


The price really is competitive for the starter kits, though. The Original Starter Kit is very affordable, at $19.95, but for your money you only get a single battery, three cartridges and a USB charger. The Premium Starter Kit isn't much more expensive, coming in at $49.95, but the additional battery, wall charger and a soft-touch portable charging kit justify the extra cost. Additionally, you receive a total of six cartridges instead of just three. Although it is affordable, it’s still worth considering your options carefully before going with Ultra.