Electronic Cigarettes Market – A Tucson Firm Makes the Latest Entry

By Dave S. Posted October 18, 2012

Tucson Firm Electronic Cigarette‘The latest entry into the electronic cigarettes business is the Tuscan firm, Old Pueblo Vapor Lounge.’


The concept of e-cigarettes has really taken root and has become immensely popular among people trying to quit smoking and use of tobacco products. The latest offering by this Tuscan firm is a splendid lounge setting with plush couches and an e-juice bar where customers can shop for e-cigarettes. Located at 5470 E. Speedway, this lounge really helps people to quit smoking according to owner, Keith Reinhart.


What are e-cigarettes?


E-cigarettes are totally free of tar and tobacco and come in several flavors like chocolate, fruits and tobacco.


Vegetable glycerin is the main component of an e-cigarette; there is a rechargeable battery which powers up the heating element inside the cigarette. This vaporizes the e-juice or liquid inside which is the substance that the person ‘vapes’.


Smokers obtain the same effect of smoking but without any of the harmful aspects. The e-juice used in the e-cigarettes are prepared, bottled and labeled by the company itself while the cigarettes are manufactured by Joyetech. According to Reinhart, the startup costs for these ranges between $40 and $100.


A Local Business Opportunity:


The surge in popularity of e-cigarettes has also witnessed a rising business opportunity for many entrepreneurs.


New Electronic Cigarette - Tucson FirmA prime example is Green Nicotine which started as a small Tuscan company located in the Foothills Mall. Today, it has stores nationwide mainly marketing the product through mall kiosks; recently the company opened an online store too. Freedom Smoke USA is another Tuscan firm which currently has 2 stores, one at 4570 E. Broadway and another at Ina Road which will soon move to 3805 W. River Road; the firm is looking to expand to other states too shortly.


Cory Estep, who is the corporate assistant manager at Freedom Smoke, stated that a customer can experience upto 5 different flavors during each visit. This includes the popular crispy bacon flavor too.


E-cigarettes are definitely less harmful when compared to smoking tobacco but the nicotine levels in this can still pose a risk. So if a person wants to quit smoking, then he has to reduce the amount of nicotine in these gradually over time. Though it is not a carcinogen, it is still a stimulant like caffeine and can be very addictive.


Stephen Michael who is the Director of Arizona Smokers Helpline at the University of Arizona stated that he does not recommend the use of e-cigarettes as some of them are known to contain carcinogens. But Reinhart who owns Old Pueblo Vapor Lounge said that he has personally benefited from this product as he used to be a chain-smoker earlier.