Top 20 Must-Vape Sweetened Tobacco E-Liquids

Sweetened tobacco e-juice


The tobacco connoisseurs of the vaping world might prefer e-liquids styled after perique or Cavendish blends, but for many vapers, tobacco flavored e-juice just isn’t worth it if it isn't loaded with sweetness or softened with the addition of fruity notes or anything else to make it go down easier.


So while our list of the top 10 must vape tobacco e-liquids focused on natural-tasting tobaccos, what about the other, RY4-like or otherwise sweet juices? While it’s hard to say definitively which flavors are the best tobacco e-liquids; here’s a selection of juices widely-loved enough to say they’re “must-vape” tobacco options.


Putting together any list like this is challenging, especially since we’ve only tried some of the contenders, but JuiceDB has been an invaluable tool, allowing us to search through the best tobacco e-liquids as rated by users and taking into account the number of reviews each juice has (so a 10/10 rated juice with 1 review is worse than a 9/10 rated one with 50 reviews). We also used the ECF’s juice of the year awards for 2012 to 2014, assuming that rating something as the best vape juice in its class is equivalent to giving it a score of 9 or 10/10.


For this, we’ve focused on the most popular e-liquids with tobacco in the top three descriptors for the flavor on JuiceDB, but that also has a sweet, fruity or other element to take it away from a pure tobacco juice. We’ve also avoided including two juices from the same vendor, but other eligible juices will be mentioned too.


So, without further ado, here are the top 20 must-vape sweetened tobacco e-liquids!


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20 – Eclipse by Space Jam Juice ($22/30 ml)


Eclipse e-liquid
Photo: Triple Crown Vapors


Space Jam Juice is an exceptionally popular mixer, with a range of astronomically-named juices, primarily of the sweet and fruity variety. Eclipse is described as a blend of Cavendish tobacco and vanilla bean, offering an earthy, realistic tobacco aroma backed up by a creamy, slightly-sweet and rich flavor from the vanilla. This fared well on Juice DB, and was also nominated for the top tobacco e-juice in the ECF’s 2014 juice of the year awards.




19 – Tribeca by Halo ($19.99/30 ml)


Tribeca e-liquid
Photo: CigBuyer


Halo is one mixer you’d need to have been living in a vape-proof-box to have avoided, and among their line-up of juices is one of the most legendary tobacco juices in the industry: Tribeca. This is best described as an RY4 style juice, offering a mild tobacco juice overlaid with touches of caramel and vanilla. It might not be the most exciting option on this list – and honestly I wouldn’t rate it quite this highly based on personal preference alone – but it placed third in the ECF’s best tobacco vape juice awards in 2013, 7th in 2014 and joint 7th in 2012: it’s consistently up there with the best.





18 – The Legend by Vintage E-Liquids ($13.99/15 ml)


The Legend e-liquid
Photo: Vi E-Cig and Vape Lounge


Vintage E-Liquids is another lesser-known mixer that’s picked up some positive attention on Juice DB, particularly for their RY4-style tobacco option the Legend. With unique, Zippo-lighter-style packaging, the juice is definitely eye-catching, and has been praised for it’s rich, authentic and pleasantly-sweetened tobacco flavor, as well as the subtle vanilla backing it up. It’s also smooth, eschewing the smoky, musty components you find with many tobacco juices. The only downside is that it costs almost $1/ml, which is still a pretty steep price even if it was the best RY4 e-juice you could find.


vintage e-liquid


17 – Heavenly Tobacco by Heather’s Heavenly Vapes ($13/30 ml)


HHV B&M store
Photo: VapeSquad


Heather’s Heavenly Vapes is a widely-loved mixer, especially among fans of tobacco juices. Although the pipe tobacco Legend, Pirate’s Booty and many others are arguably favored (these two being naturally-extracted tobacco blends), for the sweet-toothed tobacco lover, the RY4 variant Heavenly Tobacco is potentially the winner, based on Juice DB reviews and the fact it received four votes in the ECF’s best juice awards for 2012. It’s described as more rich and complex than a traditional RY4, with hints of nut along with the expected caramel and vanilla.


Heavenly Vapes


16 – Tripoli by Charlie Noble ($12.99/30 ml)


Tripoli e-liquid
Photo: Electronic Stix


Charlie Noble is another entrant that isn’t among the big names in the industry, but has earned plenty of positive reviews from vapers. Tripoli is a unique tobacco flavored e-liquid, built on a blend of Turkish tobacco and knocked up to the next level with the addition of fig, almonds and spices. The result is a mild tobacco that boasts a unique sweetness from the well-captured fig and a delectable nuttiness, good enough to change the mind of many reviewers who thought they didn’t really enjoy tobacco juices.




15 – A Real Nightmare by Bombies ($14.99/30 ml)


A Real Nightmare e-liquid review
Photo: YouTube, user: robthevaper


Bombies is a huge name in the industry, with options like ‘nana Cream putting them on the map. Among their lesser-known offerings is A Real Nightmare, billed as either being the all-day-vape you’ve been looking for or the stuff of nightmares, but being almost unilaterally praised as the former. The flavor is commonly described as like Thin Mint cookies, with chocolate and mint being dominant, but supported by a dark, spicy tobacco that takes the whole thing to another level.


Bombies A Real Nightmare


14 – El Kamino by Good Life Vapor ($15/30 ml)


El Kamino e-liquid
Vaping Underground, user: Garemlin


Good Life Vapor has a solid following of vapers and plenty of great juices on offer, particularly Deadly Sin, but despite being billed as a tobacco it loses out on this list because vapers have ranked the bakery-like sweetness of it as more prominent, with many not tasting tobacco at all. El Kamino, on the other hand, is a mild cigar-like tobacco backed up with cocoa, graham cracker and a touch of sweetness, with some picking up hints of banana and some fruitiness too.


El Kamino


13 – White Beard Tobacco by Velvet Cloud ($17.90/30 ml)


White Beard Tobacco e-liquid
Photo: Stay Vaped


White Beard Tobacco is described as a medium tobacco backed up by butterscotch and custard. It’s spawned tons of positive feedback, with vapers praising the smooth nature of the tobacco flavor, but being well-supported by the sweetness from the butterscotch and custard elements. Like all juices from Velvet Cloud, it’s completely VG-based, and they don’t add diacetyl to this or any of the others. One fairly unanimous point about this juice is that it particularly benefits from a good steep.


white beard


12 – Dorky Stud by VapeTrik ($19.95/35 ml)


Dorky Stud e-liquid
Photo: Reddit, r/electronic_cigarette, user: Treefeddy


Dorky Stud is a widely-loved tobacco option from Rip Trippers’ e-liquid brand VapeTrik, promising a sweet tobacco blend that “may transport you to a place where the air is always sweet and pleasure runs wild.” The only down-side with this one is the emphasis is heavily on the sweetness, but the graham cracker undertones and the mild, smooth tobacco make it many vapers’ favorite tobacco juice of all time.


dorky stud


11 – Ansel Adams by Vapor Trails NW ($13/30 ml)


Ansel Adams e-liquid
Photo: Reddit, r/electronic_cigarette, user: pinkythereddog


Vapor Trails NW is a US-based purveyor of hand-mixed e-liquids, with a stellar reputation and plenty of well-loved juices on offer. Ansel Adams is their most widely-praised tobacco option, combining honey, nuts and a slight hint of banana with tobacco for a Yosemite-inspired blend. The honey and nut take center-stage in the juice, but with the earthy tobacco and banana backing them up it produces a perfect all-day-vape blend.




10 – Jon Wayne by Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice ($23.99/30 ml)


Jon Wayne e-liquid


The hilariously-named Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice is a California-based mixer with a couple of highly-rated sweet and fruity juices, but they’re most well-known for Jon Wayne, their RY4-style tobacco option. It follows the standard RY4 mold pretty closely, but the sweetness is often described as more brown sugar and honey-like than caramel, and the base has the rich quality of a fresh pipe tobacco. This is an RY4 pulled off expertly, earning it a high spot on Juice DB’s tobacco list and a nomination in the 2013 ECF best tobacco e-juice awards.


jon wayne


9 – Nanner Bear by Grizzly Vapes ($15/30 ml)


Nanner Bear e-liquid
Reddit, r/ecigclassifieds, user: ToxicAvngrx


Grizzly Vapes is a range of juices available through Steam Monkey, with bear-themed names and most well-known for the nigh-indecipherable flavor of Nanner Bear. The flavor is so complex and multi-faceted that many vapers pick up different elements from it, most commonly banana (think banana nut bread), coconut, tropical fruit, a slight hint of menthol and some just-detectable elements of tobacco. Tobacco might not be the dominant element, but it’s complexity and overwhelmingly positive reputation puts it as a definite must-vape juice.




8 – Brett’s Breakfast Blend by Gremlin Juice ($15/30 ml)


Brett's Breakfast Blend e-liquid
Photo: Reddit, r/electronic_cigarette, user: project_twenty5oh1


Gremlin Juice has a fantastic reputation with vapers and a wide range of juices on offer, spanning tobacco, bakery, drinks, fruits and sweets. Brett’s Breakfast Blend is a unique combination of waffles, vanilla and smooth tobacco, with the maple syrup-like sweetness dominating the flavor alongside the waffles, but being supported by a rich tobacco and an aftertaste of vanilla. Well-loved as a “breakfast” vape, particularly accompanied by a nice hot cup of coffee.


bretts breakfast blend


7 – Candied Cavendish by the Plume Room ($16.99/30 ml)


Candied Cavendish e-liquid
Photo: Reddit, r/electronic_cigarette, user: project_twenty5oh1


The Plume Room is a vendor that needs no introduction, offering a wide range of carefully-crafted e-liquids, including some naturally-extracted tobaccos. Although Honey Fig Tobacco and Burley and Candy deserve recognition, Candied Cavendish takes the spot, blending Cavendish-cut Virginia tobacco with a touch of banana. The complexity and smoothness of the extracted tobacco carries the flavor, but the sweetness and hints of fruit and nuttiness knock it firmly into all-day-vape territory. This is a Spinfuel Choice Award winner, and was nominated for ECF’s best tobacco juice in 2012 and 2014.


candied cavendish


6 – Eastwood by Indigo Vapor ($17.95/30 ml)


Eastwood e-liquid
Photo: Aussie Vapers, user: Domo


Indigo Vapor is a big name in the world of tobacco juices, with OOHRAH, Indigo RY, Captain Ron and the Duke all having staunch supporters. Eastwood is actually a blend, mixing Indigo RY (an RY4) with the Duke (a punchy, realistic tobacco), and as well as taking the highest spot on Juice DB, Eastwood (and the Duke) were both nominated for best tobacco juice in the 2013 ECF poll. The juice boasts the well-loved tobacco from the Duke with just the right amount of graham cracker-like sweetness, filling the gap for many who find RY4s too sweet but can’t take a full-on tobacco option.




5 – VCT by Ripe Vapes ($25/30 ml)


VCT e-liquid
Photo: E-Vape Mods


Ripe Vapes is a fairly small mixer with a range of five juices on offer, including the vanilla-custard-tobacco VCT. The custard and tobacco take center-stage, playing off each other wonderfully to produce a creamy, rich vape that still carries the authenticity of the tobacco, backed up by the vanilla and hints of almond nuttiness. The flavor is exquisite, but the price is also a little high, making it one to try but probably not one you could vape all day, every day.




4 – Sunset Cavendish by Hurricane Vapor ($17.99/30 ml)


Hurricane Vapor - Sunset Cavendish
Photo: YouTube, user: 317 Vapers


Sunset Cavendish by Hurricane Vapor uses a Cavendish tobacco base and adds undertones of caramel sweetness to produce a sort of high-end RY4-like blend. It’s received pretty much unanimous five-star reviews for its smooth tobacco emulation and the perfect balance with the caramel, honey-like sweetness. It’s one that manages to stay true to the genuine taste of tobacco but adds a little something to make it taste much better than combusted leaves ever could.


sunset cavendish


3 – Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions ($16.30/30 ml)


Boba's Bounty e-liquid
Photo: Uptown Vapor


Alien Visions is most well-known for the enigmatic, mysterious flavor of Boba’s Bounty, a legend among juices despite it being hard to tell what you’re actually tasting. It’s billed as a tobacco, and elements definitely are present, but there’s a smooth sweetness to it, with graham cracker-like elements being notable. It’s rich and pleasantly sweet but always maintains a unique hint of tobacco, wrapped up in light spiciness, nuttiness and plenty of other elements it’s hard to put your finger on. There’s a reason it was ECF’s favorite tobacco juice in 2012 and kept second place in 2013 and 2014; it’s definitely one to try.


bobas bounty


2 – The Virus (H1N1) by Nicoticket ($18.99/30 ml)


The Virus e-liquid
Photo: Tokopedia


Taking both the 2013 and 2014 best tobacco juice surveys by storm (with over half of the 2014 vote), Nicoticket’s the Virus (H1N1) is a tobacco juice boasting a wide array of flavors – including chocolate, honey, caramel, peanuts, coffee and maple syrup – alongside it’s tobacco. The tobacco base may seem to get lost in the mix from time to time, but the ever-evolving nature of the flavor – through new device-power combinations and age – means that you’ll pick it up again soon. Some find it too complex for their tastes, but most say that despite the robust, rich nature of the flavor it’s a perfect all day vape.




1 – Prelude by Black Note ($29/30 ml)

 Black Note Prelude - Authentic NET Tobacco - Best Tobacco Juice


Black Note is a NET specialist, and while they have a lot of top-notch tobacco juices on offer, Prelude makes this list for being a mellow, slightly sweetened blend that even vapers not ordinarily interested in tobacco could take a liking to. It’s a Virginia tobacco – completely authentic but less challenging to the palate than some of their other flavors like Bravura, and softened by the prominent, warm sweetness riding on top of the mix. This is more towards the tobacco end of the spectrum, but packs enough natural sweetness to pull some vapers away from the more RY4-like blends. Read our full review of Black Note for more information.




Any Other Must-Vape Sweet Tobaccos?


So we’ve taken a look at some of the best tobacco e-liquids on the market – or at very least, some of the ones you’ve got to try – but there is such a varied world of juices out there that we’ve inevitably missed some, and maybe not done justice to others in terms of ranking. If your favorite sweet tobacco isn’t on the list – let us know in the comments!


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