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By Dave S. Posted August 21, 2012

The Safe Cig is no more, but it was still a pretty solid offering. The vapor production and nicotine levels are good, but the smaller Micro battery is way too short to use at length. It’s better to look elsewhere.

Safe Cig eCigarette Kit
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  • Well-executed flavors
  • Good battery life
  • Responsive battery
  • Good vapor production


  • Temporarily not doing business – need to find a converter or alternative supply of cartridges
  • Only tobacco and menthol flavors available
  • Micro battery has a particularly short life

Bottom Line

Safe Cig may be effectively extinct, but their e-cig still packs a punch in terms of vapor, nicotine content and battery life. There are only two flavors, though, and the Micro size battery has a mayfly’s lifespan. You could pick one up for cheap, but realistically it’s better to look elsewhere.
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Safe Cig Review: Our Expert Opinion

Note: Safe Cig is no longer available as they have closed down operations permanently. But there are plenty of other top rated e-cigs you can try from leading brands such as VaporFi, NJOY, V2, and Green Smoke.


Safe Cig is known as the company which introduced e-cigs into the mainstream in America, but now the story has turned sour. The website mysteriously went down in early 2013, prompting much speculation about the fate of the Safe Cig. Co-founder Rob Deak explains what happened to the company in a revealing blog post, documenting the harsh corporate takeover orchestrated by director James Cameron’s brother John. The blog post makes for a truly horrendous read, as Cameron makes cushy positions on an ever-expanding board of directors, who are either out-and-out con artists lacking the decency to at least show their face in the office or so incompetent that they could bankrupt Microsoft within one financial year. A couple of sneaky contract clauses later and the once family-owned company became majority-owned by the brother of a celebrity and his bunch of shady, overpaid executives.


The Safe Cig isn't dead yet, but as the dispute continues, things aren't looking good. For vapers, though, the Safe Cig  has such a positive reputation that even second-hand units make an appealing option. The brand focuses on tobacco flavors, but with the cigarette-style design, micro-sized starter kits and responsive batteries, it could be well-worth picking up for a bargain price. You can get adapters to use V2 cartridges with your Safe Cig  battery, and the new, independent brand Seminole E-Cigs is manufactured by the original Safe Cig  team, offering basically the same product line.


The Original Safe Cig  Pro Kit comes with two automatic batteries, wall charger, USB charger and two cartridge refills. The Micro Pro Kit is essentially the same, except with three cartridges and three smaller automatic batteries. If you pick up one used, it could still serve as the product you’re looking for to kick the tobacco habit.


Packaging and Design


The Safe Cig  Starter Kits come in small, thin boxes which pull open from the top rather than swinging open like the majority of e-cig kits. The branding is simplistic, with the Safe Cig  name and logo banded across the front, alongside an image of the e-cig. Both kits are primarily white, with deep blue adornments on the Original and a fierce red for the Micro. Inside, the batteries and cartridges sit in an upper layer of molded plastic. Underneath you’ll find the USB charger and wall adapter, pressed comfortably into a later of relevantly-colored foam.


The e-cig itself is two-piece in design, with the cartridge screwing securely into the battery end, with the “male” end of the connection on the cartridge. The Original is around the standard pen size you’d expect from an e-cig, whereas the smaller Micro is comparable to the size of a tobacco cigarette. Both have the same style, with white batteries complete with faux rings, the “s” logo towards the top and plastic tips that light up an amber-orange on inhalation. The cartridges for the Original are beige colored and have butt-like flecks of yellow for a realistic appearance; for the Micro, they’re plain white.


Nicotine Levels


Safe Cig  offers six different nicotine levels: 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 14mg, 18mg and 24mg. This offers more selection in terms of nicotine content than leading brands such as V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. The strongest level is great for heavy smokers (over 20 cigs per day), and the small gaps between the levels in the middle make it great for anybody hoping to gradually reduce their consumption.


Flavors and Vapor


The vapor production from the Safe Cig  is hard to fault. After a few priming puffs, you’re rewarded with thick streams of white vapor, curling and twisting into the air in a convincing replication of the sensation of smoking. It might not be quite up there with the vapor-producing might of V2 Cigs and Green Smoke, but you definitely won’t be disappointed with the Safe Cig . The draw is smooth, but this comes at the expense of a strong throat hit. You still get something, but the higher nicotine levels are better for the smoke-like feel.


Safe Cig  is an unusual manufacturer, as it only offers tobacco flavors and Menthol. They’re based in California, where there is an ongoing legal battle regarding sweet or fruity flavors. Overall, the flavors are extremely well executed, with some of the best tobacco flavors on the market. There are eleven tobacco flavors from around the world, including Turkish, Brazilian, Madagascar, Mandalay and Macedonian, as well as Classic, Traditional and Menthol cartridges. The subtle differences between them are extremely impressive, with the Macedonian, Turkish and Royale blends being particularly enjoyable. Out of the tobacco options, the Brazilian is the strangest, boasting an unusual fruity sweetness in underpinning the tobacco. The Menthol is well-executed, crisp and perfectly balanced. It’s a great selection, but taking the chance to offer sweet and fruity flavors while they’re still technically available in California would have added some much-needed diversity.




The battery of the Safe Cig  is extremely responsive, giving a good hit of vapor even without the priming puffs. The Original lasts comfortably through a day of vaping, and takes around two hours to charge. The Micro functions just as well, but its life is much shorter owing to its reduced size. Where the Original can last you through a day of vaping or four to six hours of heavy use, the Micro will be drained in around 10 cigarettes’ worth of vaping, or a couple of hours of heavy use. It could be better, but you’re unlikely to have any problems with the life of the Safe Cig  battery. The charger is the pen-drive style, which leaves a little to be desired in terms of design but gets the job done.


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Packaging & Design3/5





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The Safe Cig  is a great product overall, with excellent manufacturing quality, ample vapor production, well-executed flavors and a good battery life. It’s a shame to see the brand fall into such disrepair, but the quality of the Safe Cig  provides a lot of hope for Seminole. If you can pick a Safe Cig  up for cheap and take advantage of V2’s converter, it could still serve as a viable option for an e-cig. Manual batteries, more flavors and battery options would have made it better, but perhaps Seminole can pick up where Safe Cig  left off and continue to make improvements.

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    1. Tena

      Safe Cig is not out of business but going through some reorganization. In the meantime Safe Cig customers can purchase the same product from Safe Cig manufactured our product so we have all the same flavors and strengths as Safe Cig and look forward to fulfilling your order. You can reach our customer service team with any questions at [email protected] We have both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes in stock and can rush your order. Our refills work with the Safe Cig batteries and taste the same since they manufactured them for us.
    2. Rogerwilco357

      unable to purchase site is down and when it was up all was sold out so unable to buy anything from them .
    3. Jesse

      Any updates on their website? Can’t access it. Customer service is unavailable. Would appreciate an update.
    4. john

      Safe cig product is really good. But the company gets out of stock from time to time, and you will find nothing to order. They also shut down their email and phone response. What a business.
      I have been with them for 2 years and half but because unreliable stock I will look for other company. Don’t waste your time trying Safe Cig product.
    5. Doug

      Cartridges can take weeks to receive, even when in stock. Take advantage of frequent discount deals when they offer them. Batteries are rock solid and mine have lasted almost 2 years and still going strong. Shipping and customer service are either overwhelmed or terrible. I’m still waiting on the order I placed 12-14-2012, even though I placed the order over the phone and was told they were all in stock. I order 30 boxes at a time to adjust for their poor customer service.
      btw… I called their customer service and they hung-up/disconnected me. And, sent them an eMail via their website “Contact Us”. No answer.
      Love their product. Wish this was easier.
    6. Mr. Cig

      Very pleased with the performance of this product. I get a smooth draw which really feels like I’m smoking a cigarette. I get a long battery life which keeps me through my day without craving a cigarette. The cartridges last me about 3 days each so with $12 I get about 2 weeks of e-cigs which is fantastic compared to price of cigarettes. I’m a huge fan.
    7. Tom

      I love the layout of their new site. It really stands out from other websites in the industry. For a person who is just starting to learn more about e-cigarettes I find Safe Cig’s website very user friendly and easy to navigate.
      As far as the products, I’d rate them 5/5 for battery charge, 4/5 for vapor production, 4.5/5 for flavors and 5/5 for design and packaging.
      Very good quality products.
    8. Alan

      I like everything about Safe Cig, but I would like to ask for one favor from the company owners: manufacture longer batteries so that I don’t have to keep recharging mine every few hours. The last thing I need is to be stuck in traffic for a long time and notice that my battery charge has drained. I’ll be very tempted to smoke a cigarette at that moment. God knows I have worked very hard to stay smoke-free for a long time and wouldn’t want to disappoint my self. So please…longer batteries!
    9. Ashley

      I have been smoking close to 2 packs/day and after just one week with Safe Cig, I’m officially SMOKE-FREE!!! I’m not even craving cigarettes anymore. Feels so good.
    10. Jenny L.

      Safe Cig remains one of my personal favorites. It helped me quit smoking and I can never thank them enough.
    11. Liz

      Great stuff! I live in LA, and I’ve been ordering from the safe cig for over a year. Really good product with nice flavors. Try them.
    12. Brett W

      What I like about Sagecig is that their flavors are unlike everyone else out there. I’m a heavy smoker and used to the traditional flavors. That’s why fruity flavors don’t suite me well. What I dislike about Safecig is that the vapor it produces fades in the air quickly. A real cigarette’s smoke stays in the air for a while. It’s not a major issue but just thought I’d mention it. Just used the 50% discount to order some of the micro refill cartridges, thanks!
    13. Ken

      Super colorful! Love the flavor variety =)