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The Safe Cig (also known as Safe Cig) is the first company that introduced e-cigarettes to America. Since then, they have been making high quality products at low prices. In just a few years, Safe Cig has been able to establish a company that is well trusted among the e-cig users around the world. Use the exclusive Safe Cig discount codes below to save on already discounted products.

Note: Safe Cig’s website is unavailable as of January 28, 2013. Our team is investigating this. In the meanwhile, you may place your orders at

Safe Cig Coupon Code

Safe Cig Coupon Code (Save 20%)

Coupon Code: SP4420

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Safe Cig Discount Code

Safe Cig Discount Code (Save 5%)

Coupon Code: GOSAFE

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About Safe Cig:

The Safe Cig is best known for being the first company that introduced electronic cigarettes to the U.S. market. They made a promise to maintain a level quality that is unmatched in the industry. So far, they have kept their promise and exceeded the expectation of their loyal fans. The Safe Cig is rated as one of the greatest e-cigs next to Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, V2 Cigs, and Blu Cigs. The Safe Cig e-cigarettes produce high clouds of vapor, the batteries last for a long time (considering their size), the starter kits are packaged nicely in a compact and easy-to-carry boxes, and they offer a variety of delicious cartridge flavors as well as bold tobacco flavors. If you haven't tried The Safe Cig yet, this is a great time to start enjoying these great products. Read the full The Safe Cig review »


How To Use Your Safe Cig Discount Code:

In order to use your Safe Cig discount code, simply:


  1. Visit
  2. Select your favorite kit (they offer Micro Kits designed in red & Original Kits designed in blue)
  3. Choose your cartridge flavor and nicotine strength (0 mg to 24 mg nicotine strength).
  4. Click “add to cart”, then “checkout”.
  5. Once you’re on the checkout page, enter The Safe Cig discount code and proceed to checkout.