Teen Smokers at Greater Risk for Early Death

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 30, 2012

Teen Smokers and Early DeathA worrying piece of information for teen smokers is that they are very likely to die of heart disease in their '40s and '50s even if they quit the habit by then. It’s no surprise that people who continue smoking their whole lives are at even greater risk. According to a report that appeared in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, long time smokers are twice as likely to die early as are non-smokers. This certainly gives them reason to start using e-cigarettes, doesn't it?


People who have spent a great part of their lives smoking are very likely to die to cancer or heart disease.  While a person can cut his or her risk of an early death by quitting the habit as early as possible, there will still be long term negative effects.


Doctors strongly urge patients to stop smoking at the earliest in order to help conserve their health. However, it is a very sad fact that smoking cessation rates are extremely low because this is a very addictive habit. As a matter of fact, studies have found that only three percent of smokers are able to quit this habit for good ever year. This represents a major public health issue since tobacco smoke affects the smokers as well as people in the smoker’s immediate vicinity.


Doctors state that people need a lot of help to get them to stop smoking. Telephone help lines and anti-smoking media campaigns are indeed very effective, but smokers do need additional assistance. Since this is a highly addictive habit, a smoker needs help from smoking cessation devices.


Electronic cigarettes are of great use to long term smokers because they provide the smoker with nicotine without any smoke. It has to be understood that it is only tobacco smoke that causes health problems since it contains lead, carbon monoxide and numerous carcinogens. An e-cigarette contains liquid nicotine which is vaporized because of heat (learn more about e-cigarettes).


The easy availability of electronic cigarettes will help long time smokers get rid of their habit without any discomfort. People who have been smoking from their teens should definitely give e-cigarettes a try in order to enjoy a long life.