Starfire Cigs Review

By John Madden Posted November 7, 2013

Starfire Cigs is yet another Florida based e-cig company, only this one is located on the panhandle as opposed to the South Beach area. They launched in October 2011 and currently offer a basic starter kit in two colors along with cartridges in nine flavors. For customers just looking to test out e-cigs, Starfire also has a mini kit in tobacco and menthol flavor as well as disposable e-cigarettes in five flavors.

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  • Relatively thick vapor production for a mini-ecig
  • Pretty realistic tobacco flavor with decent throat hit
  • Cartridges are PG-free
  • Kits include PCC
  • Competitive pricing
  • American made


  • Battery life ridiculously short
  • Only three nicotine strengths to choose from
  • No battery upgrade available
  • Wireless USB charger extra

Bottom Line

The Starfire starter kits come with two batteries, which combined offer about 100-150 puffs. That may not seem like a whole lot, and it isn't, but if you don't mind repeatedly switching between charger and cartridge every hour or so then you might enjoy a few of the nine flavor options Starfire has.
Price: $59.95

Starfire Cigs Review

Note: Starfire Cigs has discontinued their product and is no longer recommended by our team. Instead, we recommend comparable products such as VaporFi, V2, GreenSmoke.


Packaging and Design


Starfire Cigs Starter Kit


The traditional starter kit from Starfire Cigs comes in a typical bi-folding cardboard box. I received the white kit which came in a color corresponding box with company branding and contents on the front and a warning label on the back. Inside is a felt-coated plastic tray holding the AC adapter and USB cable on the left and PCC on the right. Below the PCC is a five pack of cartridges in flavor of your picking. Also included is a small certificate of inspection and a user manual.


Inside the PCC are the two white batteries which are pretty small in size for industry standards. Each battery has the Starfire branding on the base and a bejeweled LED tip that glows red when in use.


Starfire Cigs Cartridges


The cartridges are an orange-ish yellow and each are individually sealed in plastic wrap with a rubber cap on the threads and sticker covering the mouthpiece to hold in flavor.  They are packaged in a small black paper box with company branding as well as an image of their respective flavor. Put together, the Starfire e-cig is about the size of a standard cigarette.


Flavors and Vapor


There are two important factors to note on the Starfire Cigs cartridges. First, the e-liquid, or at least the vegetable glycerin, used to fill them is made in America. As with most brands, all the hardwire is made in China but it seems as though the cartridges are filled here in the states. Second, there is no propylene glycol used in them, a major plus for those who may be allergic to PG.


This is also going to make for a thicker vapor, although throat hit will be diminished at the lower nicotine levels. On that note, the Starfire Cigs are quite the little foggers for their size. Each flavor I tried produced a hefty amount of vapor and still had decent throat hit, albeit in 24mg/ml nicotine concentrate.


Each of their nine flavors is quite pleasing, with Turkish Tobacco and Gourmet Coffee standing out as my favorites. Non were too overwhelming or perfume-y so you can feel free to choose according to your tastes.




I'm not sure exactly what the capacity the batteries have but they are really small in size. This is both a good and bad thing. It's good in that it keeps overall size down but bad in that a full charge will only last about 50-60 puffs or 1-2 hours, depending how often you use it. However, the batteries only require about 45 minutes to fully charge in a PCC so you can just keep switching them out since there are two.


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For the price of $59.95, the Starfire Cig starter kit isn't a bad deal. Take into the fact it includes a PCC and you're making off with some quality hardware. It may not be for everyone, however. Those who like having a device that holds a charge throughout the day or even longer are probably not going to be satisfied with the Starfire Cigs batteries. But if you don't mind regularly having to switch out your batteries and can keep a fully charged PCC at the beginning of each day, the Starfire Cigs starter kit just might be for you. Their USA VG-based cartridges are also a big plus in my book, as I like puffing thick clouds of vapor.

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    1. Jason L.

      I bought this one last week and the battery life is terrible. Also, the smoke tastes terrible, no matter which flavor that is used.