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About Starfire Cigs


Starfire Cigs is a Florida-based e-cig manufacturer founded in 2011, trying to make a mark in the industry with their cigarette-sized mini e-cig kits. They’re a brand for the smoker just looking to make the switch to e-cigs, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and a year’s warranty in case of any defects or issues. All of their e-liquid is made in the US, and they also have e-hookahs and disposables available if you want to try Starfire out without purchasing a full starter kit.


Starter kits from Starfire cost $59.99, and come in either black or white. You receive two rechargeable batteries, five cartridges (in any one of nine flavors), a portable charging case (with a cigarette-pack like appearance), USB charger and wall adapter. The batteries are supposed to offer 275 puffs, but this is under ideal conditions and in real use they’ll have a much shorter lifespan. They can be recharged up to 10 times in the portable charging case before you need to recharge that, though. You can also pick up Mini kits (which come with USB charger, one cartridge and one battery) for $19.99, e-hookahs (disposable) for $9.99 and ordinary disposables for $7.99.


The e-liquid from Starfire is VG-based, which makes the brand a good option for anybody allergic to PG, and also contributes to the production of thick, satisfying clouds of vapor. There are 9 flavors available in total, Premium and Turkish Tobacco, Menthol Ice, French Vanilla, Gourmet Coffee, Cherry Blast, Juicy Peach, Appletini and Watermelon Splash. They’re only available in three nicotine levels, though (0 mg, 12 mg and 24 mg per ml), which is a decent spread but a couple more options would be ideal. Five cartridges cost $9.99, although you save a small amount if you buy in bulk.


Overall, Starfire offers a decent range of products and a reasonably well-performing e-cig, but it’s more suited to just-switching smokers looking to give vaping a try than dedicated users. The lack of PG is a big selling point, and the portable charging case is a cool accessory, so they might be worth a try for the price.