Solo by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 1, 2015

Black note solo e-liquid review

The e-liquids from Black Note can be succinctly described as “tobacco juices fit for connoisseurs,” shooting for quality above all else, incorporating naturally-extracted tobacco into their blends for an authentic, complex taste. We've given the brand a full run-down in our Black Note review, if you want to find out more about the brand. The menthol option they have on offer, Solo, aims to fill a niche for ex-menthol smokers looking for a minty vape that doesn’t blow your head off or make you feel like you’re vaping liquefied chewing gum, but have they been successful?




The fanciful description has it that Solo starts off with a smooth Virginia tobacco before incorporating natural menthol oils for a minty flavor without a harsh bite. At the start of your draw, you pick up hints of the Virginia tobacco, but it’s soon accompanied by a rising tide of cooling menthol, starting out relatively subtle and then gradually building up to a crescendo a powerful, icy mintiness. The menthol really picks up towards the end of your draw and comes through strongly on the exhale. The tobacco undertones are present throughout, but they become less noticeable from the start of your puff onwards.


Overall Rating: 5/5


This is a top-notch menthol e-liquid. It strikes the perfect balance between the two extremes of the menthol e-liquid scale: eye-wateringly powerful mintiness and something easy-to-vape but with only hints of menthol. The result is pleasingly strong enough for ex-menthol smokers (as one myself, I would put this as one of the best menthol e-liquids I’ve ever tried, if not the best), but still retains enough subtlety in the mint and character from the tobacco – which is just as well-captured as in their tobacco-only e-liquids – to prevent it from being a one-note flavor with all the finesse of a sledgehammer. This may be a result of the natural menthol used, leaving a clean, icy menthol without synthetic overtones. If you’re a fan of menthol, Solo is definitely one to pick up – it really raises the bar when it comes to mint-infused vaping.


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