Smoking Causes Pancreatic Cancer

By Dave S. Posted September 21, 2012

Pancreatic CancerRecent study reveals that smoking is one of the main causes for pancreatic cancer. According to the recent study, this deadly disease can be developed at an early stage to those people who are addicted to smoking and drinking liquor. Pancreatic cancer is so deadly that out of 100 patients who are diagnosed with such disease, only 5 of them will survive.


This has been published in American Journal of Gastroenterology. Michelle Anderson from Michigan Health System University said, “If you do have these habits, and you're going to develop pancreatic cancer, the age of presentation may be younger”.


The research also shows that people who had quit smoking 10 years ago had a small tendency in developing cancer. Obviously, those who are addicted to smoking and drinking are more prone to the said disease, they are more likely to be affected with it. People must quit smoking and lessen the alcohol consumption. These two bad habits triggers life threatening diseases. It has been informed by the American Cancer Society that people at the age 70 and above are more prone to developing pancreatic cancer. Authorities and people are obliged to take this issue seriously.


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