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About Smokeless Image


Founded in 2011, Smokeless Image is a US-based importer with a small range of third-party products as well as own-brand e-liquids and starter kits. The company’s focus is on the just-switching smoker, but there are many options available from the site suitable for more experienced vapers too. They offer free shipping the US for orders over $55, have a three month warranty and offer a money back guarantee within 30 days if you’re not satisfied (on anything apart from cartridges and liquids). Their own products are branded Volt, and they also carry products from Innokin and NicQuid.


There are several starter kits available through Smokeless Image, with Volt-branded cigarette-like kits ranging from the stripped-down Pack Kit ($19.95, in Ice Menthol or Tobacco) to the well-stocked Premium Starter Kit ($94.99, with two batteries, ten cartridges, USB passthrough battery, portable charging case and more). The Volt Standard Starter kit costs $44.95, and comes with two batteries, five cartridges (in any flavor and strength), USB charger and wall adapter. The iTaste MVP 2.0 kit ($69.95) comes with a 2600 mAh battery, official charging cable and two Volt-brand clearomizers, and there are also disposable Volt cig-a-like and e-cigars available.


For more advanced vapers, Smokeless Image also offers variable voltage eGo-style Volt Spinner batteries in 650, 900 or 1300 mAh sizes ($22.95, $25.95 or $27.95, respectively), and the X2, which is similar (and available in the same capacities) but has a mini-USB passthrough mode, so you can vape as you charge ($19.99, $24.99 or $29.99, depending on size).


Smokeless Image has 15 different cartridge flavors ($8.95 per five-pack, including RY4, Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate and 555), with blank cartridges and clearomizers available too. The same flavors are available in e-liquids, priced at $13.95 for a 30 ml bottle. You have the choice between five nicotine levels (0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg per ml), but some Volt e-liquids are only available in fewer options. They also offer the complete NicQuid range, available in the range of sizes and prices provided by the manufacturer at the same price as on the official site ($8.19 for a 10 ml bottle).


Overall, Smokeless Image has a wide range of products on offer, but their own-branded cig-a-like models are on the expensive side (and there are some technical issues with the portable charging kit when you’re using manual batteries). They have some good eGo-like variable voltage devices, though, and they carry some excellent third-party products.


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