Seminole E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted July 17, 2013

From the ashes of the Safe Cig comes the Seminole E-Cig. The Seminole Indian Tribe has partnered with Safe Cig to manufacture a satiating line of rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes and cigars.

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  • Unique, complex flavor options
  • Good vapor production
  • Economical disposable e-cigs
  • Rechargeable has three batteries
  • Seminole also sells a pretty good e-cigar


  • Cartridges aren't as good as disposables
  • Only one full kit available at this time
  • Only three nicotine levels available (14, 18, 24mg)

Bottom Line

The Seminole branded electronic cigarettes ditch the bells and whistles leaving only what is needed to create a quality vaping experience that mimics the feeling of smoking a cigarette quite well.
Price: $69.99

Seminole E-Cig Review: Our Expert Opinion

Note: Seminole has discontinued their product and it's no longer recommended by our staff. We recommend comparable e-cig brands such as V2 Cigs, VaporFi, or Green Smoke.


Packaging and Design


There's nothing too special about the packaging of Seminole's e-cigs. It's simple, informative, and gets the job done. Their Arc Deluxe rechargeable ecig kit comes with 3 batteries, USB (2), wall and car chargers but only 2 re-fill cartridges. Everything is snugly packed into a compact metallic red cardboard box. Refill kits are available in five flavors sold in boxes of seven cartridges. You can also purchase a spare charge kit that includes everything the Arc has, outside of the batteries and cartridges.


Seminole E-Cig Original Arc Deluxe Kit


The e-cigs themselves are very similar in appearance to a traditional Camel cigarette. Tan cartridges are labeled by name and nicotine strength, with a different colored stripe corresponding to each flavor. Each is covered by a tiny sticker with a company logo to seal in freshness. Batteries are white and also branded with a small Seminole logo and are about 2.5 inches in length. They have a grey tip that glows yellow when in use. Fully assembled, the Arc is about the size of a 100 cigarette and feels quite sturdy. The only downside is, like many cig-a-likes, it has a plastic-y coating that is somewhat slippery when it's held in between two fingers like a cigarette.


The Aurora disposables are sold in packs of 3 king-sized e-cigarettes. Boxes are also coated in a colored metallic foil corresponding to each flavor and are about the size of a deck of playing cards. The Aurora looks very similar to the rechargeable apart from the battery being about 2 centimeters shorter with an orange glowing tip instead of yellow. Aside from the battery, the main aesthetic difference of the disposable is that it employs a semi-squishy cartridge with a hard plastic tip on the mouthpiece. While not quite as soft as the tip on an NJOY King, it is still a plus for those looking for a more cigarette-like feel.


Flavors and Vapor


In our opinion, the flavor is what sets Seminole e-cigs apart from competitors. In addition to the industry standard Traditional, Classic and Menthol flavors, refill cartridges are also available in a tropical “Trinidad” and robust “Columbian” flavor. And in addition those five flavors, the Aurora disposable is also offered in a variety, “Tribe Pack”. The variety pack contains not three but four disposable e-cigs in more complex flavors consisting of Maui, Tahiti, Key West and Dutch!  Nicotine strengths in both cartridges and disposables are available in 14, 18 and 24mg, perfect for those new to vaping.


Seminole E-Cig Disposables Aurora


One thing we noted from testing was that the Aurora disposables produced slightly more vapor than the Arc cartridges, however both were satisfying. Throat hit with both was minimal but still strong enough to mimic the smoking experience. Those new to e-cigarettes should have little problem adjusting to the feel of vaping with Seminole's line of e-cigs. We've seen brands try to get creative with their flavors before, and most weren't too successful. The Tribe Pack along with the Trinidad cartridges and disposables proved to offer complex flavors without sacrificing quality.




According the Seminole website, each Aurora disposable is equivalent to about 140 puffs. It seems as though the company actually tested their own product because that is right around the amount we were able reach. Good going Seminole team for not throwing out the arbitrary “200 puffs” claim some disposables have!


Seminole E-Cig Battery


As far as the Arc rechargeable battery goes, Seminole says it is good for up to 120 minutes of constant use. The batteries in our kit lasted us well over a full day of moderate use. With three batteries in the original deluxe kit, you should have no issues running low on power.


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Packaging & Design3/5





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You can usually expect quality from anything that comes out of The Safe Cig. The Seminole e-cig branded line is no exception. Their ecigs have unique flavors and good performance that will keep you coming back for more. At just over $6 per Aurora, their disposable e-cigarettes are also some of the cheapest on the market. The Arc rechargeable kit contains everything you need to get started and maintain a constant charge on your e-cig.  At a reduced price of just $69.99 it also is one of the best values in its class.

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    1. Khalid Ahmed

      I loved Safe Cig and used it to switch completely to ecigs. I decided to give them another chance when safe cig went under and left us high and dry.
      The Pro’s: Good packaging, 3 batteries (always better than 2), two chargers (a big plus)
      The Con’s: No throat hit whatsoever. Flavor is there but the cartridge I got buy one get two free sounded just superb but now I know why. The refill barely lasts for 25 puffs.. Now that is a true bummer.
      Ah well I will use the batteries/kit and get my safe cig compatible refills from the magicmist they have great customer service excellent shipping and prompt customer service.
    2. John Staten

      Great product, great price and super fast service.

      Got my last order of refill cartridges for my “Safe-cig” from Seminole, the service was extremely fast efficient and better still I paid $16.99 per pack of seven cartridges and received a free pack for each pack purchased. Fantastic deal!!!!