Safe Cig Customer? Don’t Worry; it’s V2 Cigs to the Rescue!

By Dave S. Posted February 22, 2013


V2 Cigs-Safe Cig Adapter


If you’re a Safe Cig customer, you might have been somewhat shocked when the website ( went down without warning. It’s not yet clear what’s actually happened to warrant the closure, but the move has left many e-cig users unable to order replacement cartridges. After spending your hard-earned cash on a starter kit, you’re left without nicotine again. It’s easy to see how this could lead people back to cigarettes, but thankfully V2 eCigs has offered a solution.


Anybody who places an order for V2 Cigs cartridges will see a pop-up which offers them a combo deal. All users have to do is select “Safe-Cig-to-V2 Adapter” combo deal from the menu and they receive an adapter for no cost whatsoever. This enables you to use your newly purchased V2 Cigs cartridges (which come in some awesome flavor options) with your Safe Cig battery, essentially saving your device from being absolutely useless while the Safe Cig site is down.


This offer is only running until the 28th of February, so if you’re hoping to take advantage and save your Safe Cig you need to act quickly. Their offer is also limited by the number of the adapters they have in stock, so it’s hard to predict how long it will last. The only thing you can do is get in there as soon as you can. If you miss it, don’t worry though – the adapters only cost $2.95 new (and you can save 10% by using any of these coupon codes for V2), so your Safe Cig battery won’t be entirely useless.


The closure of the Safe Cig site reminds us how quickly a manufacturer can go from apparent strength to dire straits, and customers can only be thankful that their batteries can still be used with other cartridges given the right adapter. We’ll undoubtedly understand the situation more after an explanation is released by Safe Cig, but until then e-cig users can only thank V2 for going the extra mile so they can enjoy the nicotine they crave.


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