Revolver E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted October 22, 2013

Revolver’s website showcases a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Their branding is geared toward fans of heavy metal and rock music but their products can appeal to all smokers and vapers. For review purposes, I tested out their Talon eGo-T kit and USA e-liquid.

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  • USA-made e-liqiuid
  • Authentic Joyetech devices
  • Decent vapor production and throat hit
  • Competitive pricing
  • Can charge and vape at the same time


  • Could use some more USA-made flavors
  • No voltage adjustability on Talon kit

Bottom Line

The eGo-T was one of my first electronic cigarette purchases back in the beginning of 2012. While it seemed to underperform and didn't really get me off cigarettes, the version Revolver used for their Talon kit seems to do the trick.
Price: $53.99

Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review

In addition to the Talon kit, Revolver sells disposable e-cigs, a variable voltage mod, an “intelligent” variable wattage eVic mod, e-liquid and plenty of accessories including the Fluid Flask carto tank and even a rebuildable genesis-style atomizer.


Packaging and Design


The Talon starter kit is labeled on Revolver's website as their “advanced eCigarette”. It comes in a standard glossy bi-fold box with company branding. Inside is top felt covered micro foam tray with two eGo batteries, one a 1000mAh and the other a 650mAh, and two atomizer cones. Surprisingly, the Talon appears to be a re-branded, authentic Joyetech eGo-T, whereas most brands sell a cloned version.


Revolver E-Cig Talon Kit


Beneath the tray are two boxes and the USB passthrough cable. One box contains another USB for charging the old-fashioned “screw-in” way as well as an a/c wall adapter. The other box holds 5 cartridge tanks. Sure enough, the cables are each branded with Joyetech labeling. Finally, there is also a bag containing a couple rubber mouthpiece tips and stoppers and a leash to hang your Talon from your neck.


The batteries themselves are somewhat on the large side when compared to traditional mini-ecigs or “cig-a-likes“. The 1000mAh battery is a little over an inch longer than the 650, but both could fit in most pants pockets without a problem. Our kit had the stainless steel batteries and atomizers, but Revolver also sells them in black, blue, pink and red. Overall, the Talon has a pretty sleek look and finish.


Flavors and Vapor


Along with the kit, Revolver sent a pack of five bottles of their USA-made e-liquid. Flavors included SandStorm (tobacco), grape, spearmint, blueberry and menthol ice, each with 16mg/ml of nicotine.


Each flavor was vapable, but none blew me away. The SandStorm had a weird minty taste to it but the blueberry was pretty tasty. I couldn't really differentiate the spearmint from the menthol ice but they were both cool and refreshing. And juicy grape was a pretty standard grape flavor, just fine in one of the Talon cartridges but way overpowering in my dripping atomizer.


Vapor production and throat hit were adequate on each. For a warmer vape with increased vapor production and throat hit, Revolver offers low-resistance XL atomizers.




Both batteries included in the Talon kit last quite a while. The 650mAh will get you around 6 hours of moderate vaping while the 1000mAh holds up for about 10 hours. And both can be charged using either the USB pass-through cable or the traditional 510 USB charger.


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Editor Rating

Packaging & Design4/5





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I've reviewed a couple tank-cartridge systems in the past and even used one in the second e-cig I ever purchased a couple years ago. Not a single one really produced enough vapor or flavor to satisfy me. It always seemed as though some sort of wick was needed to get that smoke-like throat hit and feel. So when the time came to review the Talon kit from Revolver e-cigs, I was almost certain I wouldn't like it. However, this one appears to be an authentic Joyetech eGo-T, re-branded for Revolver. It is also probably a more updated version from the eGo-T I started out with. The atomizer does a much better job at heating up the e-liquid when in turn produces a much better vape than other imitations. With two long-lasting batteries, The Talon is a great value for any new vaper.

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