Real Feel Disposable E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted July 31, 2013

Billed as “America’s favorite disposable electronic cigarette”, the Real Feel is geared toward smokers who want to make the transition to vaping as seamless as possible. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the brand is a newcomer to the market. As such, their selection is still growing with recently added rechargeable eGo style batteries with clearomizer tanks and nice selection of e-liquid. Their disposables are sold either individually, in boxes of 20 or, in our case, a convenient 3-pack box.

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  • Cigarette-like appearance and packaging
  • Good vapor production and throat hit
  • Nice, cool menthol flavor
  • Cheaper than most brands


  • Cheap, plastic feel
  • Only availale in tobacco and menthol
  • Tobacco flavor has a plastic taste
  • No nicotine strength options
  • Short battery life

Bottom Line

Real Feel disposable electronic cigarettes fall short of competing with the likes some of the bigger name brands on the market. The concept of producing an e-cig that closely mimics the feel of a tobacco cigarette is great, but it just needs a little improvement.
Price: $12.99

Real Feel Disposable E-Cig Review



Similar in size and shape to a deck of cards, first impressions are that the Real Feel box would fit comfortably in my pocket as it isn't quite as thick as a pack of smokes. The box is relatively sturdy with a plastic tray inside holding the three disposable e-cigs.


For some reason there is a surgeon general's warning on the side of the box. Aren't these supposed to be smokeless cigarettes? I know SMOKING causes lung cancer, heart disease, etc. but electronic cigarettes produce vaporize nicotine, not smoke.


Other than that, packaging is pretty simple, with a black box for regular 24mg and a green one for menthol in the same strength. Unfortunately it appears that Real Feel currently only offers 24mg strength nicotine with their 3-pack sets.


Look and Feel


Comparable to NJOY King disposables, Real Feel e-cigs certainly look the part. They are the exact same size as a typical king sized cigarette and even have orange speckled “butt” with a white rubber cap. The tip of the regular glows red when inhaled and the menthol lights up green. But do they actually feel like real cigarettes? Not quite.


Wrapped in what feels like some sort of plastic, the Real Feel e-cigs are pretty slick to the touch. The filter area is pretty squishy, however, for those who like to be able to squeeze a cigarette between their fingers. Overall, these disposables offer a pretty close look and feel to that of a traditional cigarette compared to most disposable e-cigarettes I've tried.


Vapor and Taste


For me, what mattered most when first trying out an electronic cigarette was the overall feel that vapor it produced had. Does it taste like a cigarette? Can I feel the vapor in my throat? Does it give me the nicotine buzz? The first couple brands I tried over a year ago, purchased from local 7-11, failed horribly. The Real Feel, on the other hand, is a nice step up. Both the regular and menthol produced a decent amount of vapor with good throat hit. And being 24mg strength, they both satisfied my nicotine craving.


Now for the taste. The regular flavored Real Feel had a nice sweet tobacco taste upon exhaling. However I could taste too much of the plastic filler upon inhaling which disrupted the tobacco flavoring. The menthol was a lot better, even considering I really only smoked Marlboro Lights. It had a strong but sweet mint taste that was both good upon inhaling and exhaling.


Battery Life


Here is where many disposable electronic cigarettes fail to deliver. The Real Feel disposables sold in 3-packs claim to offer 175 puffs each or about 500 per pack. I tried out one regular and two menthol flavored e-cigs. The regular and first menthol both lasted me about a day of occasional puffing. Not too bad.


To get a more accurate measurement of the amount of puffs they really offered, I inhaled the second menthol for around 2 seconds/drag. Sadly, the tip was blinking after only a few hours and no more than 100 puffs. Battery life is probably the most important factor for a disposable e-cigarette and the Real Feel didn't quite deliver.


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Packaging & Design3/5





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The Real Feel disposable electronic cigarette comes about as close as you can get to replicating the look of a real cigarette. It has very simple design allowing for a relatively seamless transition from smoking to vaping. It is very new to the market, having only come online a few months ago, and understandably requires improvements to really take off. Most notably it needs a longer battery life. At $12.99 for a pack of three, I just don't see the value when I'm only getting about 300 puffs and would rather just spend five bucks for some smokes and get at least 200 drags. The taste could also be improved, at least on the regular flavored disposable. With just those two changes, these wouldn't be a bad choice for a smoker looking to try something different. Until then, I would stick to rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

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    1. Marcie Young

      Okay product

      I have purchased this product for 8 months and I am not completly satisfied with the. Performance, out of every 5 cig 3 of them donot work properly: when I return them to the retailer they wont compensate me,at $5.00 per cig I have lost.a large amount of money. I have never got 800 puffs out of one of those cig,yet I continue to buy. I would like to receive compensation for the faulty cig
      I don't know if this is the right platform for my complaint, if not could you forward this to the proper person. Thank You
    2. Corky Ferrante

      Good flavor, nice hit. Very good if u need a quick fix wo smoking.

      I liked the flavor and the amount of vapor it produces. I just wanted to get the methol flavor and not smoke. First time buyer, will def buy more.
      Needs to last longer and have different nicotine levels.
    3. valorie smith

      almost taste like menthol

      was satisfied in the begining, but have been receiving non-menthol when i prefer menthol and losing money and the store which i purchase from does not refund.
    4. Patti

      Has Potential BUT...

      I ordered one pack of 3, nice price (7.99). Free shipping (well sorta). It took a week and half for them to get here. They shipped with postage due (1.14) so i had to drive across town to the post office and pay the due postage. I wrote customer Service that they sent them postage due – no response……. Tried the first one of three, it had the rubber stopper missing. Second one was good, thought about ordering some more. Got to the third one – dead’er than a door knob. Tossed it and the thought of ordering more in the trash. Didn’t taste bad, lasted about as long as any of the mini’s but no thanks.
    5. tabi

      Felt good in my hand. Felt like a real smoke. Good menthol flavor without being too minty. Found them on a fluke looking for Blu. Will definitely try again. Or at least until I am finally able to quit for good.
    6. mikey

      i love love love this product!

      ive tried all of them njoy,blu cig,v2 and realfeel’s are way better cheaper and last longer!
    7. mike s

      i love realfeel

      way better then blue n Njoy, more bang for your buck.. i got my order right away
    8. Nicotine fiend

      I bought two of the 800 puff disposable e-cigs from my local tobacco shop. Both units failed to work. I received no vapor and the tip did not even light up. I have a nice oil based vaporizer at home I was looking for something I could use while I was running errands or out with friends and colleagues. This was a waste of 20 bucks and, if this experience signifies the overall quality of this company, I would not recommend this product/ company to anyone.
    9. DT

      I have ordered from this company a few times. I have yet once to receive my product within 30 days. Usually more like 45 days. When I do get the oils, they are not the strength I ordered. Otherwise the oil is okay. Yet their website says 7-10 days. When I call and inquire, I always get told someone has to call me back. No one ever does. I have moved on to better company for all my products. Found some great organic liquid tobacco oils.
    10. michelle

      this is by far the best electronic cigarette ive tried i dunno why this review is so low,but its my fav very soft and taste perfect
    11. steve

      i love this product i got my sample really quick!
    12. JH


    13. Tina

      The best I have tried and I have tried many different brands.

      Started with a free sample pack. Great throat hit and has a good amount of vapor. Will be staying with this brand. Was amazed at how real they feel.
    14. Nick

      Glad I found this brand

      Reel Feel E-cigarettes are the best of all I’ve tried. I’m from west palm beach and happen to come across this brand and have been using them for a few months now. Couldn’t be happier with my transition from regular cigs, bc these are as close as it gets!
    15. Marian G.

      It really feels real!

      I have tried the Real feel e-cigs about 4 months ago, its really good! very thick smoke, very light weight which makes you feel like you have a real cigarette in your hands. For me was a great way to switch from tobacco to electronics. Bottom line… I really love it!!