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By Dave S. Posted August 22, 2012

Pure Cigs offer a quality e-cigarette in terms of vapor production and battery life, but it isn’t all good news. More nicotine levels and flavors would make it better, but the most unsettling thing about the Pure eCig is the subtly misleading warranty.

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  • Good vapor production
  • Strong nicotine levels for heavy smokers
  • Substantial battery life, with bigger options available


  • Not enough nicotine levels for gradual reduction
  • Some brands offer more flavors
  • Misleading warranty and refunds aren't for whole price

Bottom Line

Pure Cigs offers unique flavor choices, good vapor production, a long-lasting battery and strong nicotine levels, but it’s held back in a few departments. The warranty is particularly underhanded, and more flavors and nicotine levels would have been better. Still, for the particularly low price, it’s worthy of consideration.
Price: $35.99

Pure Cigs: Our Expert Review

The problem with choosing a brand of e-cig is that there are an inordinate number of companies, all leading their marketing spiel with the benefits you’ll find with any e-cig – the lack of tar, the inoffensive odor, ash and adverse health effects associated with smoking. Looking through the options in this way gives you very little to go on, so you have to dig a little deeper if you’re going to make the right decision. With the raw materials you need for an e-cig easily sourced from factories in China, small companies can easily start their own brand and start trading, offering nothing other than a standard-quality product indistinguishable from its competitors.


Pure Cigs is a Florida-based company started in 2010, making them still relatively new to the industry. They started out with the more traditional, pen-sized e-cigs, and have recently started to offer more advanced options like the manually-operated and variable voltage Elite kit and the gargantuan XL starter kit. However, finding out anything about the company themselves is pretty much impossible, with no “About” page on the website and precious little information across the brand’s various social media pages. They do source their hardware from China, so on first impressions the brand has little credibility. First impressions can be deceiving, though, so we've tested out the Deluxe Kit G4 to see what Pure Cigs has to offer.


The Deluxe Kit G4 comes with two automatic batteries, five cartridges, USB charger, wall adapter and the Pure Pack portable charging unit. All of this costs $69.99 at time of writing (April 2013), making Pure Cigs an appealing option for any vapers on a budget. The only question is whether it’s a hidden gem available for a bargain price or a standard product cranked out in the name of naked profiteering.


Packaging and Design


Frankly, the packaging for the Pure Cigs Deluxe Kit G4 is uninspiring. It’s a slide-out cardboard box, around the height and depth of a pack of cigarettes but around three times as wide. It’s colored a soft sky blue, with the brand’s logo (the words “Pure Cigs” with a stylized teardrop flame reaching up from the “u”) in the top left corner and an image of two cigarette-like e-cigs with shining tips on the right. It’s a no-nonsense package, with slots cut into felt-covered foam holding the various components of the kit. The Pure Pack comes separately-boxed because the space in the kit is extremely limited.


The e-cig itself is well-designed, with the industry-standard two-piece construction and three color options available. The batteries come in Classic White, Glossy Black or Matte Red, with my kit containing two Glossy Black batteries. The white e-cigs light up amber on inhalation, with the black option having a more futuristic blue LED at the tip. All three types have the grey plastic tip, rather than a crystal design or something more outlandish. The cartridges come in either black or a cigarette-like beige (complete with lighter speckles to make them look more like a butt). The batteries have a soft, textured feel, but the cartridges are more bland and smooth in this department.


The Pure Pack is solid black, with a cigarette pack like design and a small display screen to tell you the current battery level. The two buttons control the charging operations, and inside there are eight slots, six for cartridges, one for charging your battery and one for storage. Overall, the Pure Pack is well-designed, with the same soft feel as the battery and the perfect balance between secure closing and ease of opening.


Nicotine Levels


There are only three nicotine levels available with Pure Cigs, 1.1 percent (Ultra-Light), 1.6 percent (Light) and 2.4 percent (Full Flavor). This works well for heavier smokers who might not get enough nicotine with brands which only offer up to 1.8 percent nicotine, but offers very little to anybody looking to reduce their consumption. Most brands have a nicotine free option, and the majority offer 0.6 percent cartridges to make the transition to no nicotine even easier.


Flavors and Vapor


Vapor production is one of the most important aspects of an e-cig, and the Pure Cigs product really delivers in this area. With plentiful vapor from even a single drag on the smallest battery offered by the company, there really isn’t anything to complain about here. The vapor production is top-quality, easily rivaling companies like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke who are famed for their performance in this area. You won’t be disappointed with the throat-hit either, with each drag packing a satisfying punch on the draw. If you’re looking for a cigarette-like experience, you could do much worse than the Pure Cigs offering. The XL and Elite options, with boosted voltage and manual operation, will undoubtedly produce even more vapor – suited to experienced vapers who want more than the standard, pen-sized options.


There are seven flavor options with Pure Cigs, Virginia, Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Risque and Nutty Blend. The Risque option has a smoky, caramel edge and the Nutty Blend is a combination of sesame and nut flavors. My starter kit came with Tobacco cartridges, which are the best-selling cartridges from Pure. They make for a great vape, although the tobacco flavor is somewhat lacking in character. You won’t be able to pinpoint a specific brand, but there is something undeniably accurate about the flavor. It doesn’t capture the taste perfectly (most tobacco cartridges don’t, in truth), but it’s close enough. The marketing spiel says many customers claim it tastes better than tobacco, and although that isn’t really that hard to achieve, I would be forced to agree. Based on the flavor of the one cartridge, the other flavors seem promising, and the inventive options help to set them apart from other manufacturers.


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The battery life on the Pure G4 is fantastic, offering plenty of power for a day of vaping whilst you’re out at work. It can withstand around 4 hours of heavy use, but to achieve that you’d need to be after a serious hit of nicotine (especially thanks to the generally high nicotine levels in the cartridges), so in practice most users will be satisfied from day to night on one battery. Again, the XL and Elite options offer considerably better battery-life, so if this is important you can pay a little more for better performance. The G4 battery is also extremely responsive, heating the atomizer sufficiently with a single puff.


Charging options are also excellent. The pen drive USB charger isn’t really impressive – being a pretty generic, all-black option with a simple LED light to tell you when it’s finished (taking a few hours, on average). The Pure Pack is much better, charging the batteries just as quickly and holding enough power on a full charge to do the job several times over. With the combination of two long-lasting batteries and a portable charging kit, you’ll never need to be without your e-cig.


Manufacturing and Warranty


The Pure Cigs Deluxe Kit G4 comes stamped with the CE and the RoHS Complaint logos which you’d expect from any reputable e-cig manufacturer. In truth, although the fact that they’re manufactured in China makes it sound like a low-cost and sloppily-made option, it’s nothing of the sort. The battery and cartridges perform excellently, slotting together securely and without even a hint of corner-cutting when it comes to function.


The warranty offered claims to be “Lifetime,” but on closer inspection this can only really be described as a fairly odious lie. The manual (included with the starter kit) claims that the warranty is only valid up to 90 days from date of purchase (covering chargers and batteries), but the website adds that it’s valid from within 30 days of your last cartridge purchase. This effectively extends the warranty, but it still comes with the caveat that the batteries have a “normal life expectancy.” They claim this is 2 to 4 months on the Support pages, which is realistically an understatement (most e-cig batteries last around a year) – probably to justify the initial 90 day limit on the warranty. You can return anything within 30 days, but there’s a 25 percent “Restocking Fee” tacked on, meaning you only get three quarters of your money back.


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The Pure Cigs G4 is a great e-cig overall, offering substantial battery life, exceptional vapor production and nicotine levels to suit heavier smokers. It’s far from a generic option, and with starter kits priced as low as $17.99 (at time of writing), it’s perfect for anybody on a tight budget. There are a few issues, such as the relative scarcity of nicotine levels, the pretty small flavor selection (compared to other brands) and some underhanded policies, but on the whole there isn't much to complain about. If you choose Pure Cigs, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

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    1. Denise

      Charging pack doesn't charge too well!

      The so called “charging pack” doesn’t really do a good job at charging the batteries. I travel a lot and often find myself running out of charge. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I have to make a stop at the gas station and pick up a pack of Camels. Until they fix the issue with the batteries, I’m out looking for something better.
    2. Mike

      I really enjoyed this tobacco flavor over any other brand I have tried. it really does have a classic taste and its an enjoyable smoke.
    3. Ashton (NY)

      I once thought Pure Cigs and Blu Cigs were owned by the same company since their designs are so similar. Found out I was wrong. Pure cigs is actually a decent company, not as big as blu, but they’re definitely up there with the rest.