Pure Cigs Elite Kit Review

By John Madden Posted April 11, 2013

Last year we brought you a review of the Pure Cigs Starter Kit G4, one of the more affordable packages available to new vapers. Established back in 2010, it's safe to say the brand has earned veteran status among a plethora of new start-ups. As such, they are now delving into the market of mods and variable voltage with starter kits like the XL and Elite, presumably to compete with the likes of the  eGo. So today we will review their latest and most advanced e-cigarette, the Elite Kit, currently selling for a cool $71.99 on Pure Cigs' website.


Pure Cigs Elite Kit Review


Out of the Box


The Pure Cigs Elite Kit is packaged in a slim black with a slide-out tray supported by an elegant black foam-like material. You get not one, but two 800mAh batteries, 5 XL cartridges in either tobacco or menthol flavor, a USB charging cable and a user manual. With an attached XL cartridge the Elite is just over 6 inches long but still small enough to fit discreetly in most pockets. Our tester was the matte black model but it also comes in white and “chameleon”.   The Elite is a sleek looking variable voltage e-cig that packs a whopping 800mAh and has a USB passthrough. Manufactured in Shenzhen, China, the battery is actually the same one used for the Innokin iTaste VV. Being Innokin is an established manufacturer of advanced personal vaporizers, one would assume the Elite would offer a significantly better vaping experience than its smaller cousins. But can it compete with other eGo style batteries?


Flavors and Vapor


pure-cigs-elite-cartridgesBefore we get into the juicy part of the review and break down all the battery has to offer, let's start off with a critique of the supplied cartridges, their flavor, and the vapor they provide. The XLs are quite large, compared to most standard cartridges and outsize a Boge XXL. They are designed to last a good while, and they do. One XL cartridge lasted us well over a day of heavy vaping. In terms of flavor, we tested the tobacco. Taste-wise it was nothing special. It didn't really taste like a tobacco but did provide a harsh throat hit comparable to that of an unfiltered cigarette. We exhaled a nice amount of vapor too; no thick clouds but enough to satisfy any tobacco smoker. The cartomizers are also refillable if you happen to have any e-liquid bottles lying around. You can also order replacement cartridges from a selection of seven flavors in either full flavor (24mg) or light (16mg) nicotine strengths. While some e-cigs can't replicate that throaty feel of a cigarette, the XL cartridges have some serious kick and would be perfect for a heavy smoker.


Battery Performance


pure-cigs-elite-batteryAt 800mAh, the Pure Cigs Elite battery will give you up to 8 hours of vape time which is more than enough to last all day. With the extra battery included, that's 16 hours of vaping without requiring a charge! One battery charge lasted us well into a second day of heavy use. An indicator light on the fire button will change from green to yellow to let  know the battery is getting low and it's time to recharge. You can also place it in lock mode to ensure it doesn't “fire” in your pocket by pressing the trigger three times. There is much more, however, to the XL battery than it's ability to hold a solid charge.



pure-cigs-elite-usb-passthrough If having a second battery isn't enough, it has a USB passthrough for concurrent charging and vaping. Use it in your car or on your laptop while working to conveniently charge ‘n puff at the same time! It's also variable voltage meaning you can adjust the amount of volts the battery outputs to the atomizer in the cartridge. The Elite is adjustable from 3.3 to 5 volts. “What's the big deal?” you ask. Well the lower voltage, the smoother the hit you are going to feel. Higher voltage outputs can give you more flavor but might make the vapor too harsh for some. A third really nifty option the Elite gives you is a voltage level suggestion. Hold down both the “+” and “-” buttons on the voltage adjuster and the battery will recommend the appropriate voltage to use for the ohm resistance level of the attached cartomizer.




The Pure Cigs Elite Kit can definitely compete with just about any starter kit on the market, including the higher powered eGos. Battery life with this pen style e-cig is promising as it has more than enough capacity for all day vaping without a charge. If you do manage to run low on charge, simply plug in the USB passthrough and vape on. The only real downside we found was with Pure Cigs' customer service. We found it extremely difficult to get a hold of any reps through both calling and using the “Live Chat” on their website. For a three year old company, this just isn't acceptable; deduct half a point. Other than that, the Elite Kit is an excellent entry-level device that will give both heavy smokers and intermediate vapers a good bang for their buck.