Promotion of Continued Smoking by Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights; Claims Electronic Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Health

By Lindsay Fox Posted October 14, 2012

Americans For Non-Smokers Rights ClaimAccording to a recent news report, Elaine Keller, President of The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) stated that the ANR (Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights) are misleading the public by reporting baseless and false claims about the hazards of e-cigarettes.


The ANR recently issued a press release in which they stated that the lack of independent and peer-reviewed scientific studies questions the safety and effectiveness of the e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. There are several Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products in the market which are FDA-approved like nasal sprays, lozenges, nicotine patches, oral inhalers or gum, all of which aim to reduce the daily intake of nicotine in a user. But the truth remains that all these have a high failure rate. But there is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate that a low-risk alternative like e-cigarettes is more helpful in achieving smoking cessation than nicotine abstinence.


The results of an Italian pilot study was published in BMC Public Health which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal; the study revealed that  40 smokers who were not interested in quitting smoking was put on e-cigarettes for 6 months, at the end of which 50% reduction was noticed in 32.5% subjects and 80% reduction in 12.5% subjects. The results were more remarkable among people who wanted to quit smoking. The American Journal of Public Health which is also a peer-reviewed journal published the results of an online survey conducted among buyers of e-cigarettes; 31% of people experienced a 6 month abstinence rate.


There have also been reports in which e-cigarette consumers said that there was a marked improvement in their complete wellbeing like COPD reduction or decrease in asthma symptoms; lipid markers and blood pressure also showed considerable improvement. Studies also revealed that there was no elevation in blood pressure or other cardiovascular markers in people who were depending on e-cigarettes initially.


Keller also stated that the claim by ANR that e-cigarettes pollute the interior with carcinogens and toxic chemicals is absolutely rubbish and there are no studies to prove this fact. The Indoor Air study mentioned in the press release actually detected such miniscule quantities of nicotine and other chemicals which was totally insignificant. Keller also rubbishes the claim made by ANR that very little is known about the ingredients present in e-cigarettes stating that all the ingredients are well-known and countless tests have been performed before the launch of this product.


Keller also states that discouraging e-cigarette users with such false claims is an appalling disregard for human health.


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