Preventing Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 18, 2012

Quit SmokingMost smokers fear that when they quit their habit they will gain weight. Many see it as a reason not to quit – which is wrong. Quitting smoking provides a lot of health benefits, which offsets weight gain. After all, you can always work out to get rid of all the pounds that you gained.


Research has indicated that the body’s metabolic rate actually does get a boost from nicotine in tobacco, thus increasing the number of calories you burn. Right after smoking a cigarette, your heart rate increases by about 10 to 20 beats per minute. This particular effect of nicotine is one of the risk factors for developing heart disease.


Once you quit smoking, your body rate immediately returns to normal. But if you continue to take in the same number of calories as when you still smoke, you are very likely to gain weight. Fortunately there are ways on how to get rid of belly fat.


Oral Gratification

Nicotine is not the only thing ex-smokers crave; they also miss the act of lighting up a cigarette and holding it up to their mouths.


Prevent Weight Gain After Quitting SmokingSome ex-smokers replace cigarette with food to get this oral gratification. If this helps with the quitting process, then go ahead. But you have to be smart with your food choices. Studies indicate that ex-smokers get enhanced sweet tooth after quitting. If the foods you put in your mouth are sweets, high carb and high calorie foods then you are bound to gain weight. Go for healthier alternatives like carrot sticks, sugar-free hard candies or gum or turnip slices.


Brushing frequently can also help you forget your nicotine cravings and your need for oral gratification. When your` mouth is clean and fresh, you hardly get the urge to smoke or eat.


Keep Busy

Distract yourself from nicotine cravings by keeping busy. Keep yourself occupied with things that have nothing to do with food. You can do household chores or run errands. You can also do stuff that you enjoy such as going out with friends, seeing a movie, reading or visiting the library, going to the museum, shopping or volunteering. Just make sure to avoid places where people smoke.


Be Active

You can either start a workout regimen which involves bodybuilding fat loss exercises or just pickup a pastime that involves being active such as biking, hiking or mountain climbing. Being active not only distracts you from your nicotine cravings and the tendency to reach for food, it also helps you lose the pounds that you gained and help you get back in shape.


Avoid Crash Dieting

If you do gain weight after quitting, crash dieting is not the solution. Even for non-smokers, crash dieting is not healthy. But for ex-smokers, the stress from quitting, coupled with the stress from the changes in your diet and the calorie restriction, can make it hard to stick with either the quitting process, or the diet. Crash dieting is also very unhealthy and can cause terrible mood swings.


Keep Your Health in Mind

If you are considering going back to smoking just because you gained weight when you quit, remember that the numerous health benefits of quitting far outweighs the resulting weight gain.


Guest Author: Roger N.