Prelude by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted February 18, 2015

black note prelude review


Tobacco e-liquids very rarely approach the depth and complexity of the true taste of tobacco, and this is a big part of why many vapers move away from tobacco emulations as they get more accustomed to vaping. Black Note aims to turn this progression on its head, putting out a selection of high end tobacco e-liquids, ranging from the everyday blends to the sort of thing a pretentious pipe-smoker would fall head over heels for. Our full Black Note review has all the details, if you want to learn more about the mixer. Prelude sees Black Note taking on Virginia tobacco, but is the result something you’ll want to keep going back to?




The description for Prelude praises its subtle flavors – grown in the plains at the foot of the Italian Alps – and the light, bright and sweet taste. The tobacco is definitely subtle in flavor, coming through with a touch of smokiness and a light, gentle earthiness, capturing the genuine character of the tobacco, but with the whole thing characterized by prominent undertones of sweetness. The result is definitely bright in flavor; a tobacco that doesn’t beat you over the head with its own complexity, but still manages to maintain a definite sense of authenticity.


Overall Rating: 4/5


This is another of Black Note’s options that a converted, otherwise fruit-or-dessert-loving vaper would still enjoy. It doesn’t challenge your tastebuds – instead producing a soft, subtle flavor underpinned by a rich sweetness that moves the liquid into all-day vape territory. Some of Black Note’s juices – while enjoyable – give you the sense that you’d appreciate it more if you’d spent some time tasting a wider variety of tobaccos as a smokers, but this has a wide-ranging appeal that makes it a viable option for pretty much anybody. If it didn’t have the undertones of sweetness, I’d almost be tempted to say it’s a little uninteresting, but the natural sugars really come through and give this e-liquid a little extra something.


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