Ozone Smoke Coupon

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Ozone Smoke Coupon

Ozone Smoke Coupon (Save 15%)

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About Ozone Smoke


With a selection of ten flavor options and the industry-standard two-piece construction, Ozone Smoke offers a solid e-cig and plenty of variety to keep vapers interested. They don’t have the reputation of the big companies like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs, but with larger cartridges (around 10-20 percent bigger than other brands) and reasonably-priced starter kits, Ozone is gaining a following.


The flavor selection and larger cartridges are the biggest selling-points for the company, with flavors such as Green Apple, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry and Vanilla to keep you busy alongside the expected Menthol and Tobacco options. You get 400 puffs out of each cartridge (under ideal conditions), giving Ozone Smoke a distinct advantage in that department. The name Ozone Smoke comes from the fact that like all e-cigs, Ozone Smoke products don’t produce carbon monoxide and therefore don’t harm the ozone layer.


The Ozone Smoke Premium Starter Kit is ordinarily priced at $79.95 (on offer for $69.95 at time of writing – April 2013), and comes with regular and short automatic batteries, six long-lasting cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter. The cartridges come as a variety pack, so you get a taste of the different options before buying a full pack of one flavor. There are also four nicotine levels available (up to 16mg of nicotine).


For a lesser-known company, Ozone smoke produces excellent products. You might find better vapor production and a more robust throat-hit with Green Smoke, V2 and other brands, but it’s still more than adequate for the majority of users. For more information about Ozone Smoke, check out our latest Ozone Smoke review.


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