Our Friends at Ecig Advanced Need Your Support

By John Madden Posted March 13, 2013

Ecig Advanced Team

Most of us make the switch to electronic cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Whether it be to live longer, smoke indoors, or avoid smelling like an ash tray, there are several benefits to puffing on an ecig vs. a traditional cigarette. One of the biggest and most undeniable gains we all see is in our bank accounts and pocket books. E-cigs are far cheaper in the long run than those highly taxed carcinogenic smokes. But what if I told you there was even a way to puff on e-cigarettes free of charge?


Our friends over at Ecig Advanced have a program that rewards users for their interactions with the website. “Vape for Free” is an online e-cig and vape shop in which users exchange points for e-liquid, cartos, and other essential vapor products. Points can be earned through contributions to their site such as by commenting in their forums and blog, receiving “likes” on posts, and sharing coupons via social media outlets, among other things. So head on over and show your support while helping yourself out in the process! Find out how you can help by visiting this page on their forum.